– Microgreens and sprouts have almost the same shape and characteristics, but microgreens have differences that you can notice. Microgreen has a smaller size and. Microgreen has 2.5 to 7.6 cm tall. It is a baby vegetable that has tiny green leaves. While sprout has no leaves and it grows from seeds. Microgreens have an aromatic green scent from their roots. It is a healthy young vegetable to boost your immune. Growing this vegetable at home is not difficult. Even you can grow them in the kitchen, near your windowsill, in a greenhouse, or outdoor. For that, in this article we will discuss Growing Microgreens at Your Home: Eat Healthy Food Everyday.

Benefits of Consuming Microgreens

Consuming microgreens can give you various benefits. You can get a good functional value for your daily life. This will take care of your health and provide you with a delicious healthy meal. For that, here’s the discussion!

  1. Microgreens contain many goods nutrients. It is a healthy vegetable that contains antioxidants, iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, vitamin, and mineral.
  2. You can add some microgreens to your cook to make it more delicious. Microgreen has rich flavors depend on their seeds. This vegetable is useful to get a strong taste such as spicy, sour, and bitter.
  3. Having a healthy life by eating microgreens regularly. The nutrients in microgreens can reduce the risk of Diabetes, Heart disease, Alzheimer, and certain Cancers.

Gardening Preparation

Before you start gardening using microgreen plants, there are various things you should pay attention to. For that, the next topic that we will discuss in this article is the various preparations you should do before gardening. There are various things that you have to prepare from gardening tools to the media you use for gardening. Let’s discuss them one by one!

  • Hand Trowel and Gardening Fork

Use a hand trowel to dig the soil in little amount. This tool is useful to pair with a gardening fork. The gardening fork will smoothen the soil and you can use a hand trowel to take them into the container.

  • Terra Cotta Pot

Terra cotta pot is one of the best containers to grow microgreens. It can absorb water properly and keep a natural humidity in the soil. This pot looks interesting to put in any sunny room without interrupting the interior design.

  • Long Watering Can

When growing microgreens indoors, you need to give them enough water to grow their buds. High humidity is important to stimulate their growth because they love moist conditions. Use a long watering can to pour adequate water in low tension. Make round movements when watering your microgreens.

  • Potting Mix

The potting mix consists of good nutrients. These ingredients are useful to make your microgreens grow healthy and happy. It feeds your microgreens by the roots. Potting mix provides good nutrients to grow like a small bushy vegetable.

Easy Ways to Grow Microgreen at Your Home

After knowing the various advantages of consuming microgreens and the various preparations you must do to grow them, the next topic that we will discuss in this article is various easy ways to grow microgreens at your home. There are various ways that you can follow from seed selection to harvest time. For that, let’s discuss!

  • Select the Seeds

Select the Seeds

Choose the seeds that you want to grow. Some vegetables that have seeds can grow to be microgreens. Lettuce, peas, radish, broccoli have the seeds for growing microgreens. Take one spoon of microgreens seeds. Pour them in a glass of water. Soaking them for 24 hours and let them absorb water. The best seeds don’t appear on the surface, they will stay on the bottom. Use a spoon to remove all seeds on the surface of that glass. Rinse the seeds twice to remove the chemical substance or other dirt.

  • Prepare the Medium to Plant

Prepare the Medium to Plant

Microgreens like to get high humidity, it needs less warm light. Before you pour the seeds, give some water to make the soil moist. To grow microgreens indoors, potting mix is a common medium for them to grow. Pour some water to moist the soil, make sure that it is not dry or too wet. Flatten the soil and smoothen them properly for the air and water flow.

  • Spread the Seeds for Each Terra Cotta Pot

Spread the Seeds for Each Terra Cotta Pot

Spread your microgreens seeds on the top of the soil. They will cover the entire top of the soil for a bushy result. After it covers the soil properly, sprinkle some soil on top to create a thin layer. You don’t need to plant them too deep on the soil because it is enough for the seeds to grow near the surface. Put a small note on the terra cotta pot to give a name for your microgreens. It will be hard to recognize each plant when they grow new babies.

  • The Right Place to Grow Them

The Right Place to Grow Them

After you finish the planting step, put your microgreens in the place where it gets enough sunlight. Growing them near your window is good to stimulate their buds. The sunny place will grow the buds in 2-5 days after planting. The adequate light makes them grow straight and as long as it gets high humidity, your microgreens will grow faster.

  • Maintenance and Watering

Maintenance and Watering

Check your microgreens every day by measuring the buds that will appear from the soil. Spray the soil 2-3 times a day by using a spray bottle. Give an adjustable nozzle for this plant. The intensity of spraying water depends on the humidity in your home. Make sure that the soil is moist and not too wet or soggy.

  • Harvesting Time

Harvesting Time

You will see the germination after 2-5 days. Keep spraying them until they grow the leaves. It takes 7-10 days for the leaves to grow. Once it grows bigger, you can start to water the soil without watering its leaves. You can harvest the microgreens from two to three weeks after you plant them. Use a sharp scissor to cut them on the base part just above the soil.

  • Find the Recipes

Find the Recipes

Sourdough eggs and microgreens toast is a delicious recipe from microgreens. Salads, soup, sandwiches, and pasta are a delicious food that microgreens are the fresh ingredients for them. You can eat microgreens from your garden. It will be healthy food for you and your family.


Thus our discussion about For that, in this article we will discuss Growing Microgreens at Your Home: Eat Healthy Food Everyday. Microgreens are nutritious vegetable babies that you can grow at home. This plant grows like a tiny green bush in a simple tray. You can use wet tissue paper, potting mix, or coconut coir to grow them. Microgreens need more water, 2-3 times a day is enough to keep the humidity. Growing microgreens at home is easy gardening. We hope this article is helpful for you to create your microgreens garden at home. Happy gardening!


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