Locksmith can do lock replacement at the best rates. So when you call, there is always a locksmith near you. The price of replacing locks depends on the type of lock, the condition of the lock, and the amount of locks that you want to have replaced. Replacing a door lock will usually involve a cylinder lock. You can replace the entire lock or just the cylinder. Even with multi-point locks or side locks, it is possible that they only have to replace the cylinder. Feel free to call us if you want to know an average price for replacing your lock. A pin lock in the door is an extra lock for security and consists of two pins that are operated by means of a key. If you have a pin lock replaced, the average price will be slightly higher. The price structure of our intervention consists of approximately 50% material costs and 50% for man hours and possibly call-out costs. Please note that if you also want to replace the door fittings, this entails additional costs.

Which locks should I choose?

Following are some famous lock types used by people for their security:

Electric locks

Do you want to keep up with the times? With an electric lock you don’t have to worry about a broken or lost key. You do not need a key. It is possible to open your lock via your smartphone. Wherever and which locks you want to replace, make an appointment with professional and get extensive information about which locks and where are the best for your situation.

Multi-point lock

Another extra security is a multi-point lock. Usually a three-point lock is used for this, with a cylinder lock in the middle of the door and hook bolts in the bottom and top of the door. The other hook bolts are also operated by only operating the cylinder lock. Replacing a multi-point lock requires some expertise and that is why it is wise to engage Locksmith for this. You can also provide extra security for your door with a side lock. These are usually attachment locks in the form of a sliding bolt or a door chain. The classic mortise lock is often seen in the back door. You can consider a cylinder lock here for security.

Burglars Lock

Burglars locks are working smarter all the time. Fortunately, the locksmith industry does not sit still and there are very good quality locks that can make it a lot more difficult for burglars. We always advise to have locks with a Police Quality Mark Safe Living installed. These locks are recognized by the police as safe locks and have been tested for quality and effectiveness. Because many burglars work with the core pulling method, it is advisable to use locks with core pulling protection.

Not sure which locks suit your home, environment and the associated security needs? Then contact a good locksmith for advice for your locks.


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