– Rosemary is a member of a mint family plant. This herbal plant is native to the Mediterranean region. You may find this herb in a cup of delicious tea or coffee. Rosemary gives a fresh aroma and a slightly minty flavor. It is also nice to add rosemary in dishes such as pizza, focaccia, tomato sauce, etc. This herb tastes well with chives, tomatoes, soups, and chicken. Thus, it can be one of the beneficial ingredients to growing in your home such as in a small pot. Here, we will give a short guide for you to grow rosemary! Before that, you should know that rosemary has some species. Most rosemary grows well in any container. Here are rosemary varieties:

  • Albiflorus
  • Tuscan blue
  • Benenden blue
  • Hill hardy
  • Majorca pink
  • Arp
  • Flora rosa
  • Holly hyde

How to Plant Rosemary from Cuttings

The next topic we cover in this article is the various ways to grow rosemary from cuttings. By using this method, you can create a fresh and beautiful herbal garden in your home. You can also create the concept you want afterward. Therefore, let’s discuss a variety of How to Plant Rosemary from Cuttings!

  • Cut Your Rosemary

Cut Your Rosemary

The first step is cutting your rosemary. Choose the best stem to cut, the lower stems are stronger than the upper leaves. The woody stem can grow roots from its cutting. Don’t forget to clean the scissor or pruning shear before cutting the rosemary. Don’t cut too often because it may shock your rosemary. Regular pruning is good but doesn’t do it too often.

  • Remove the Lower Leaves

Remove the Lower Leaves

The needle-like leaves from rosemary are useful to add flavor to dishes. Take a cutting stem from your rosemary. You need to remove the lower leaves from its cutting stem, so it can grow new roots. This cutting rosemary is easy to grow in a water container if you want to manage how long its roots are. As a leafy herb, rosemary can produce more leaves when it gets enough fertilizer.

  • Planting it Directly in the Soil

Planting it Directly in the Soil

It is an easy way to plant rosemary from its cutting stem. You can plant them directly in the soil. It is safe for the cutting stem to grow roots. They can grow roots in the soil. As long as it gets adequate water, its roots will grow faster. Wait for your rosemary to grow massively.

How to Care for Rosemary

The next topic after you plant rosemary in your home is a variety of easy ways you can do to care for it. You need to take care of the rosemary that you grow so that you can get good results. Let’s discuss!

  • Water


Rosemary loves to live in an environment that feels like its natural habitat. Let’s take a look at the Mediterranean area as its original home. Mediterranian area has a dry condition. Rosemary is drought-resistant, thus, it lives well in dry soil and hot temperature. You can water this herb when the soil is really dry. Once per two weeks are enough for rosemary.

  • Soil


Rosemary loves sun, water, and sort of minerals in the soil. It thrives well in loose, rocky, with some sandy soil. Rosemary roots thrive well in well-draining soil. Add some rock or sand with regular potting soil will make healthy soil for rosemary to grow in a small pot. You can add compost to increase fertility as they love rich soil. It should mimic the soil texture from Mediterranian.

  • Fertilizer


Rosemary is not a heavy feeder. Fertilize them once per month is enough to restore nutrients in the soil. You can use compost, manure, or blood meal to mix in soil. We recommend you fertilize in the winter season when the temperature is cold and the soil is moist. If you feed in summer, you can water the soil first, then fertilize them. During the winter season, you should protect them from frost, if you put them outdoors then move them indoors.

  • Pruning


Prune your rosemary if you want to take some of its needle leaves. Some people always prune their plants to grow them vigorously. Most plants will grow bushier after pruning. This method is also useful to make your rosemary grow massively and produce new branches. You can prune the lower stems that have more than one branch. Let them focus to grow branches in a different part, then it gets a balanced growing process. The pruning leaves are useful to propagate them directly in the soil.

  • Pests and Diseases

Pests and Diseases

Rosemary is pest-resistant. This herb has a little problem with pests. Although the common pest is spider mites, it is not a big deal for rosemary. You can remove spider mites around this plant with your hands. Spraying pest control to your rosemary will repel other bad insects yet we don’t know if it also damages the good insects. It is better to remove spider mites and other insects that you maybe see in rosemary.


Thus our discussion of How to Grow Rosemary Herbs in a Small Pot in Your Home Garden. You will get a delicious cup of tea with rosemary leaves. Rosemary is easy to plant by cutting stems. This herb may grow bushy when you give them full sun, adequate water, and fertile soil. Peat moss and compost are the best ingredients to create well-draining soil. Hopefully, your rosemary will grow healthy. Good luck with your garden!


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