An air conditioner has now become an essential need to everyone that keeps you cool in hot summers. And summers are no barrier to our parties, but when you use a residential air conditioner, then you might need to give it a second thought.

Fortunately, we come up with a great solution to residential air conditioning in Santa Rosa. Though these air conditioners are not designed for heavy crowds, you have a small get-together at home or, say it, a house party when you need a cooler house to keep your guests at comfort.

How to Stay Cool and Comfortable on a Budget

If you know how much it costs to keep cool? The average family spends between $300 and $600 per year on air conditioning, depending on location. There are basic cooling options that do not necessitate a modern, more reliable air conditioning unit.

Consider the individual demands faced by your families, land, and the local environment while looking to introduce new strategies for keeping your home cool and cozy this year.

Is it the heat of the day that you need to beat? Don’t overextend your budget after first knowing about other ways to keep calm. Does the heat keep you awake at night?

Be at ease; you can still keep your guests cool and comfortable by following the below-mentioned steps.

Here Are Few Steps To Keep Your Home Cooler During Parties:

  • Ensure That AC is in Running Condition: first, look after your air conditioner and check it in and out whether it has everything in working condition. Do line-up maintenance for your air conditioner with our HVAC professional team before the party and the arrival of summers. Maintenance can help keep your home cooler because it clears the dusty filters and allow AC to direct the cooling. Besides this, pay close attention to your cooling system, like if it makes a noise, low airflow through vents, and many more for the on-time repairing.
  • Switch on your Air Conditioner a Few Hours Before you Hold a Party: yes, it is the best way to check over your air conditioner by running it before time. This way, it will help lower the indoor humidity by throwing out the moisture of your home. Along with this, you can also install a dehumidifier in your home to better eliminate the moisture as possible.
  • Turn on the Air Conditioner a Few Hours Before the Party Begins: it might sound unnecessary to you, but trust me, it is not because turning on the air conditioner a few hours before the party starts to chill every corner of your home. Regulate the thermostat 5 degree lower before the guest arrives, you might feel a bit chilled, but the temperature will adjust as the room fills up.
  • Check the Window Blinds, Door Seals, and Other Leaks: when it is a home party, then do call the HVAC professionals a few days before the gathering to check over the house leaks. You cannot ask every guest to shut the door, obviously, but the experts can help you close the open blinds of the room. The experts will work over the sneaky cracks and door seals to avoid direct sunlight enter the home. This look over the room blinds will help keep the room cooler by avoiding high AC consumption.
  • Promote a Cross Breeze: do not use hot appliances like a microwave in a room with an air conditioner and cover the windows during the day. Dehumidify the air of the room and close the unused spaces of your home to help cool air circulate in the party area. Using dim lights also helps to cool the room faster and longer. Besides this, you can try reversing a ceiling fan to cool down the room temperature.

Final Words

Mentioned above are some best ways to keep the home cooler during a party and throughout the summers. Do follow the above-given information to make your party fun and exciting by keeping the guests at comfort.

Besides this, these ways will also increase your air conditioner’s lifespan and will also save money at the same time. The standard lifespan of most air conditioners is around 15 to 20 years, but using it in a referred manner can make it last longer.

When you use the services of an HVAC professional, you want to work with somebody you can trust on. Customer care and authenticity are our top priorities at valley comfort heating and air. Our mission is to provide our residents with the resources they need to keep their homes cozy all year.


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