The kitchen is the heart of a house, but the living room is the soul. This is the family room par excellence, not for this reason deprived of friends and acquaintances, where we speak to each other, watch television, have a rest with our beloveds… We make our bonds stronger here. Decoration in this place is very important, because it must reflect our family personality, but also make the space as cosier as possible. And, within the general topic of decoration, nothing better to add character and change completely the mood of a room than good wallpaper designs for living room.

If this living room wallpaper is powerful, so much the better. It can turn its atmosphere into a more energetic one and also have a positive impact in the rest of the house. Definitively, having impressive wallpaper for living room is a good starting point to have an impressive home. However, good planning is essential to avoid an overdone result. Here are some characteristics of good use of impacting living room wallpaper.

  • It is not necessary to wallpaper all the room; one or two walls are enough.
  • The colour of the rest of the walls is in tune with wallpaper for living room.
  • This living room wallpaper is the focus point of the room and the rest is more sober.
  • The colour is not everything; pattern or texture also makes wallpaper for living room impressive.
  • We need to pay attention to the floor; living room wallpaper must match with it.

In this article we will enumerate some ideas which have something in common; they are stunning. Different, elegant and surprising, these wallpapers will create a unique feeling which will leave no one indifferent. Let’s speak about these wallpaper ideas for living room one by one.

Good wood

This is a very particular form of wallpaper. Its texture imitates wood in many different ways; wooden frames, wooden planks, natural wood colour, and colours imitating painted wood… It is super stylish, suits very well with almost all kinds of furniture and has another considerable virtue; is able to modify the viewer’s space perception. For example, wooden frames can give the impression of having higher ceilings than we really have. This is a very useful tool to dissimulate some spatial mistakes which can be in all kinds of living rooms to a greater or lesser extent. All a success if we manage this wallpaper for living room properly.

Overwhelming mural

This is one of the most original wallpaper ideas for living room. In fact, we could say it is the most breathtaking living room wallpaper; kind of enormous photograph which completely envelops one of the walls. This is essential to make it work, and it can be even customized for this purpose. The result is incredible. It is like your living room was in the middle of the sea, the dessert, the forest… It only depends on your own taste in terms of wallpaper designs for living room.

Sensational geometry

It is not every day that you come across one of these kinds of wallpaper ideas for living room; a well-defined geometry pattern, big and wonderful. This is which makes it special; this wallpaper for living room is unusual, despite the fact the shape is familiarly easy. There are many different geometrical options in the market; stripes, squares, circles, bulbs… Possibilities are infinite. Here, we have to pay attention to colours, because they are which make the shape of the wallpaper for living room. Depending on their number, tones and contrast, the result is neutral or even psychedelic. So, you can choose the more adequate living room wallpaper.

Cool dark

This is the rule: the darker the wallpaper is, the more dramatic its effect will be. And this is not bad, quite the opposite. A beautiful black, for example, can make one of the most elegant wallpaper designs for living room. Having reservations towards this colour is normal because there are a lot of myths about dark colours in decoration; it makes the space smaller, it does not add any light… But it is not true if we use it properly. Once we bust all these myths and use suitable furniture and pieces of wall art, our living room wallpaper will be sensational.

Fashion effect

There is some wallpaper ideas for living room which, far from attracting all the looks for its pattern, does for its texture. They can imitate some kind of cloth or even some wall finish which are normally made with plaster and other similar building materials. One example is stucco, which can be more or less realistic because certainly, imagination can have a part to play in this kind of wallpaper. It would look very chic as wallpaper designs for living room, making the space cosier and very appropriate for classic and eye-catching furniture.

Unusual pattern

An image you never thought you would see on a wall, in this consist this kind of great living room wallpaper. Books as an infinity library, repeated historic characters, a plain background with little pieces of a different material, an eternal love letter … The variety is as immense as the imagination put into it. The effect is notorious; the attention soon is focused on the living room wallpaper. If you combine the rest of the room accordingly, this will be one of the wallpaper designs for living room your guests will never forget, and your family will adore for sure.


There are many types of living room wallpaper which can make this space unique; the list above is a proof of it. Using impressive wallpaper designs for living room is a good idea because, bearing in mind this is an essential room at home; it can help us to recharge our batteries. But there are so much more, because there are many kinds of living rooms; from a little room to a part of an open concept floor. It is obvious that, depending on the distribution, the ambient here will affect others to a greater or lesser extent. So, these impressive wallpaper ideas for living room can make your entire house impressive.


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