The pandemic has changed our outlook on life and work. You find yourself juggling with jobs and family lives when working from home and cleaning has become the last thing that you want to do. Do you always feel so tired most days that you do not want to clean at all? But, you cannot ignore cleaning the house for long. You have to face this herculean task today or tomorrow. Believe me, it is always better to clean your house today than tomorrow. So, how to keep your house clean when you are tired. That is the question. So let me give you some tips to keep your house clean when you feel too tired to clean.

Start With Small Steps

If you feel tired about cleaning the entire house and you are anxious about it, the best thing to do is not to see cleaning the house as one big task. This will make you stressed out and even more tired. You can try the divide and conquer approach here. If you are cleaning the kitchen, do the dishes first, then come back later when you feel refreshed and clean the sink. You can mop the kitchen later in the day. You don’t have to do all the cleaning tasks at once. You can use an application or a timer to help you do it and ensure that you don’t go overboard. Just keep every cleaning session under 5 minutes.

Buy Organizers and Use Color Coding

There are many methods to keep your house clean. One best way is to assign places for every item in your house and ensure that you return everything where you took it from. This will ensure that your house is not messy in the first place. An organized room looks cleaner anyway. If you are too tired to organize, involve another person, maybe a friend or a family member. Cleaning and organizing are always better when you have more people to work on them. You can buy new organizer boxes, cubes, and labels to make it easier.

Start Practicing Minimalism

This is a workaround and minimizing the number of things that you have at your home directly impacts the effort that you have to put in cleaning your home. So, you can try selling the things that you do not use much or donating old things that you own. Make sure that you only keep what is necessary for your house and buy only things that you need. This is a really good practice that can help your mental health and cleanliness.

To Sum Up

If you are feeling too tired to clean the entire house, you can clean a room. If you are finding that difficult and cleaning is not something that you can do, you can hire house cleaners for help. But, if you think that you cannot clean ever because you are absolutely tired, consult a doctor as this might not be just tiredness, it can be stress or depression.


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