– The living room is an important place to be attached to your home. People will be impressed if your living room has a comfortable, unique design and also good to look at. The minimalist living room concept is a favorite for many homeowner. This is because this concept feels simple and also comfortable to apply in your living room.

Minimalist design from the living room will give a beautiful, neat impression and especially make your guests feel comfortable to be at home. Aside from being easy and simple to design a minimalist concept living room, this concept also applies to not letting an object be useless because of the decorative decorations that are not placing it.

Minimalist and Comfortable Decoration for Your Living Room

This article will discuss how to beautify your living room with the minimalist concept so can make a comfortable living room. A simple and wide-looking impression will be generated from a minimalist concept. Let us discuss how to make your living room looks minimalist and comfortable.

Using Neutral Colors

Using Neutral Colors

To make a beautiful minimalist impression in your living room is the selection of colors than will be inflicted from your living room. Among the colors that are usually suitable for your minimalist concept are white, beige, gray, or brown colors.

Using Neutral Colors

Neutral colors will perfectly match the concept of minimalist. By using the concept of the neutral color blend you will be more freely choose the model of furniture and electronic items that you will place in your living room so that the impression of minimalist and elegance will impress you in your living room.

Add Ornamental Plant and Natural Color Furniture

ornamental plant

The purpose of placing ornamental plants and natural color furniture is to give the impression of the beautiful atmosphere, lovely and comfortable to your living room. You can place ornamental plants in the corner of the living room. With this ornamental plant, you will give a cool and comfortable impression in your living room

ornamental plant

Besides, ornamental plants will also be useful as an air filter. With that function, your living room will be fresh and healthy. Using ornamental plant in your living room will makes you feel comfortable in your living room. Beside, natural impression will also affect your minds to keep positive, comfortable, and also fresh.

Using Simple Decoration

simple living room

Using a simple decoration is the key to the living room that has a minimalist concept. There are many ways to choose simple decoration furniture but should pay attention to the size of your living room so that your living room is not impressed to pile up the goods.

simple living room

Then to make your living room seem warm and comfortable put the carpet in the middle of the living room. Then to add another minimalist impression is add a warm lamp for aesthetic lighting. Use lamp that has a simple design but unique with attention to light from the lamp. Do not use a lamp that too bright, it can interfere with your eye view. That way you can be more comfortable in your living room.

Avoid The Use of Large Furniture

small furniture decoration living room

Choose furniture that does not make your living room feels full with stuffs. Use furniture that suits your minimalist living room. One of them is choosing a sofa that is neutral in color, because the neutral color will give your eyes a point of view as a simple color. Place the sofa in the middle corner of your living room with other minimalist ornaments.

small furniture decoration living room

After choosing the sofa should put a table in your living room. You can put the table in the middle of your living room. Select a small table with size adjusting your living room. Then choose a table with the patterns and lines, uncomplicated geometric elements, and don’t forget to pay attention to the furniture decoration.

Using Mirror Decoration

using mirror

In addition to dominating the neutral colors in decorating your living room. Use mirrors as a decoration that carrying a minimalist room space. Mirror also provide a visual view that looks freely and also relieved of space for you.

living room mirror

You can place the mirror to the wall to meet its side or place a mirror in the corner that can reflect your living room. That will give you a sense of relief. But it would be better if you put a large-sized mirror to reflect the minimalist concept of your living room.

Using Open Space Concept

open space concept

To give the impression of the concept of minimalist living room design your living room into an open space. By using the concept of open space in your living room, then you can make your living space spacious and beautiful. That way, you can be more comfortable and not feel crowded in your living room. You can combine your living room with other spaces such as a living room, kitchen or dining room. This method will give an open space impression of your living room.

Thus our discussion about Minimalist and Comfortable Decoration for Your Living Room. Having a living room with a minimalist concept does not mean you have to lose the comfort of being in it. Using the right interior decoration and furniture will make your living room look more beautiful and comfortable. Hopefully this article is useful for you in decorating your living room.


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