– Monstera deliciosa is a tropical plant native to Central America, Southern Mexico, and Panama. It is a popular tropical ornamental plant for the interior and exterior. This plant can grow bigger as a massive growing plant. You may notice this plant by its attractive leaves with some holes. The holes of each leaf are artistic to decorate an interior design. Moreover, it brings a tropical accent to your room. Fenestrations are another name for the holes on each leaf. The sunlight will get through its holes and touch the stem. Thus, it can grow well if it gets enough sunlight. Thriving this plant is exciting, we will give some tips to grow Monstera deliciosa and how to thrive it indoors for decoration.

Monstera Deliciosa Care

Many homeowners love to plant Monstera deliciosa indoors. This plant invigorates a plain room. Besides, it is easy to grow this beautiful ornamental plant, even by the cutting its stem. Let’s find out more tips to care for Monstera deliciosa!

  • Soil


Soil is an important medium to grow every plant. It contains nutrients that every plant needs to stimulate its growth. Monstera deliciosa grows well in the well-draining soil. Potting mix with perlite is good for Monstera to grow. It has good aeration for the soil. Perlite is a beneficial material to lose the soil textures. Another option is the aeration stones. You can arrange the stones on the soil surface.

  • Lighting


No plant can live without sunlight. It is true because sunlight gives energy and natural sources to help their growth. Monstera deliciosa is a tropical plant that needs sunlight a lot. If you thrive it indoors, don’t put it under direct sunlight. Bright to medium indirect sunlight is doing well for this tropical ornamental plant. You can rotate the pot, then your Monstera gets enough sunlight to photosynthesize effectively.

  • Watering Routine

Watering Routine

Every plant needs water. It helps them distribute minerals and nutrients from the soil to all parts of a plant. Monstera deliciosa likes to get adequate water. It can’t stand in soggy soil, then don’t water it too often. You can do a watering routine every week by pushing your finger in the soil and feel the humidity they need. If you see the yellow leaves, it means your Monstera is overwatered, while the underwatered condition makes their leaves turn brown.

  • Fertilizing


The new growing plant needs enough food. It is a must-have thing at home if you grow some plants, especially Monstera deliciosa. Fertilizer is a source to feed your Monstera. The mature plant doesn’t need much fertilizer. Fertilizing this plant every once two months. It is beneficial to revitalize the soil. If you have a water-soluble fertilizer, you need to wet the soil first. Another option to feed the plant is adding worm castings.

  • When to Repot The Plant

When to Repot The Plant

Many reasons to repot your Monstera deliciosa. If your plant grows bigger and larger, it needs a new medium to spread its roots. The pot can’t hold the roots any longer because it will make your Monstera stop growing well. You can move this plant into a new pot at a range of 2”-4” inches bigger. Give new potting mix to make it happy.

  • Daily Care

Daily Care

Good maintenance makes your Monstera deliciosa grows bigger. Observe your plant when you see some symptoms of pests. Even though this type of Monstera is pest-resistant but checking the plant will guarantee their health. Mealybugs and spider mites are the common pests in this Monstera leaves. You can spray water-soluble with an organic pesticide like neem oil. Another thing to consider is their dirty leaves. Thriving indoors invests many specks of dust on the leaves, then you need to wipe it gently with a wet fabric or paper towel.

How to Thrive Monstera Deliciosa Indoor for Decoration

Monstera plant looks stunning for your interior design. It invigorates the ambiance with a tropical vibe. You can use this ornamental plant for a variety of interior designs you want, especially bohemian or tropical. You can thrive it indoors in a certain area to bring a green accent as below!

  • Monstera Deliciosa on The Windowsill or Glass Door

Monstera Deliciosa on The Windowsill or Glass Door

The window sill is a beneficial spot to grow Monstera deliciosa. It provides bright indirect for their leaves. Moreover, the bright area makes it looks clean and shiny. The window sill can stimulate the young Monstera to grow well. Another site to grow Monstera is near the glass door. Put it on near your glass door as a stunning decoration for the entryways.

  • Wall Creeping Plant Monstera Deliciosa

Wall Creeping Plant Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera deliciosa looks stunning to creep on the wall. You can swirl the creeping stem on a stick to grow them vertically. It will grow well as long as it gets bright indirect sunlight. The creeping Monstera is easy to form into an attractive decoration. It needs to prune when the top leaf touches your ceiling. Prune it under the note then it can grow new roots.

  • Massive Grow Monstera Deliciosa as A Natural Partition

Massive Grow Monstera Deliciosa as A Natural Partition

Are you looking for a new idea for partition? Monstera deliciosa can help you with this. It will grow massively indoors if you give good maintenance for them. Thrive this plant indoors to separate the open-plan rooms. It transforms into a natural partition when it grows more giant leaves. The mature leaves have a deeper green color rather than the young leaves. You can grow more than one Monstera plant to create an indoor tropical garden.

  • Monstera Deliciosa to Decorate Your Corner Space

Monstera Deliciosa to Decorate Your Corner Space

The corner space is an interesting spot to grow Monstera deliciosa. You can see this plant from every angle and it is easy to notice, then it looks stunning to decorate the interior design. Moreover, the corner space with a window sill is beneficial to provide natural sunlight for this Monstera plant. It will grow well and maybe needs a strong wooden stick to hold the stem firmly. This plant looks nice to thrive indoors as a single plant, but you can put other plants too.

  • The Young Monstera Deliciosa in A Standing Planter

The Young Monstera Deliciosa in A Standing Planter

Monstera deliciosa is easy to grow by the cutting stem. Collect all cutting stems in one vase and plant them after the roots grow. Use an attractive standing planter to help this plant gets more light. The thing you need to know is their leaves will produce fenestrations during the growth process. Be patient if the young leaf has no fenestrations because it will grow when they more mature.


Thus our discussion of Monstera Deliciosa: How to Care for and Thrive It in Your Home. Monstera deliciosa is a popular tropical plant to thrive indoors. You can grow this plant from the cutting stem or the mature plant. This plant can grow massively if the environment is good. Getting enough water, sunlight, fertilizer, humidity and well-draining soil is the essential combination to grow them well. Care for your Monstera deliciosa like you take care of yourself. They will be more beautiful with your hand. Happy gardening!


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