This is a Painted Lady enjoying a summer drink on a Cone flower.

Maintaining and landscaping a garden is not an easy job. All garden owners will agree to have struggled as novices to make their beloved garden look the way it does today. In order to create the garden of their dream, a rookie mistake everyone makes is ignoring the native plants present in the vicinity. Instead, they choose various plants to have a variety which in turn requires a lot of care and attention. Many sydney west landscapers have come across individuals who do not realise how beneficial and aesthetic a native garden is. Recently, native gardens have started gaining popularity  because of the multiple advantages they come with. Here’s what they encompass:

1. A Trouble Free Gardening Experience

Native plants require very less maintenance because they are well fit to adapt to any environment or adversity and have the ability to fight insects  as well as multiple diseases. This, in turn, helps save time, effort and money spent on artificial pesticides or insecticides. At the time of planting, they may require some amount of water and fertilizers to stabilize and root themselves but apart from that, there’s not much care that native plants require. They have the ability to survive just with rainfall as well. If you’re someone who’s always worried about killing your garden or identifies as a forgetful person, native plants are the way to go.

2. No More Weeding

Apart from adapting to the local weather efficiently, native plants grow at a very fast pace and help cover the ground well before weeds can start to thrive and crowd around. This makes native plants excellent landscapers. The idea of landscaping a garden is mainly based on the design and maintenance styles and hence, with native plants, you can get creative and enjoy a beautiful garden. From groundcovers that spread rapidly, they can be divided conveniently to enable growth of free plants which helps start a new garden. Native plants that grow naturally in an environment are heavy and healthy structures that make a garden look fuller and bushier. This does not mean that native plants take up all the space. If you’re big on garden decor, having a sculptural space is a must! Be it a concrete structure or a rocky pathway, native plants compliment every design and make it prettier than ever.

3. Conserve and Protect Biodiversity

There’s nothing better than nature in sync with its belongings. With most modern designs, the type of plants chosen do not support the biodiversity of the area. Native plants, on the other hand, are great for pollination as well as being a source of food for the animals in the area. Taking inspiration from the Australian native gardens, choosing to plant the emu bush or the hardenbergia plant is a great way to preserve wildlife and add a little colour into your garden. Birds and bees buzzing around once a while is what makes it all worth the effort. This species has co-evolved with plants over the years and can pollinate often only with the ones they evolved with. Therefore, your garden will be safe and natural, with the bees and butterflies in an intricate balance with the plants in your backyard.

4. Unity in Diversity

Native plants create an ecosystem for all creatures living within the boundaries and help maintain the perfect natural diversity of that particular area. In addition to conserving the earth, these plants also help purify the air, clean the water and prevent soil erosion. They are extremely beneficial for the environment and are a perfect choice for landscaping Sydney altogether!

5. Support a Healthy Environment

Unlike other plants in a garden, native plants are rarely a hurdle. They almost never cause an abruption to another plant’s growth and instead support the well being of its neighbours by helping prevent soil erosion and conserving all the nutrients in the soil. Another well known benefit of native plants is that they come in various types of groupings. From wetlands to plants that grow in a dry environment under shade, the existence of native plants is specific to that area and its conditions. A great option for those planning to try out landscaping Sydney.



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