– Creating beautiful and stunning interior decorations is the dream of many homeowners. To create it, you can use several methods, such as choosing the right interior design, using colors that match your character and choosing the decorations you want. One of the popular decorations used in the interior of the house is ornamental plants. Ornamental plants provide a fresh and natural atmosphere in your home. One of the popular ornamental plants is the monstera plant. Monstera plants have many types that you choose for the interior of your home. Thus, you can create the interior decoration of the house that you want.

Reasons Why To Use Monstera Plants For Decoration

Using monstera plants for the interior of your home gives you a different character than using other ornamental plants. You can get several good reasons to choose monstera plants for the interior decoration of your home. Here are some reasons for you to use monstera plants for decorating your home.

  • Several Monstera are Hard to Get

Several Monstera are Hard to Get

Monstera plants have many types and forms that you can find in the market today. For that, you can get monstera plants with common types to rare types. Some monstera plants are hard to find or hard to grow. Therefore, having a Monstera is a matter of pride in decorating a house. Moreover, you have a rare and beautiful type of monstera plant.

  • Perforated Leaf

Perforated Leaf

Perforated leaf, easy to plant but hard to kill is the strong reason people are so into the nursery this exotic plant. The next reason is Monstera is also an aquatic plant or they can live with water. To multiply this Monstera is also simple, just add the stem into water and the root will automatically growing in weeks or even days.

  • Giving Tropical Vibes

Giving Tropical Vibes

Nowadays, Monstera seems to be in every social media.  A lot of people use it as decoration for their house, their brand, their design, and many more. The most popular Monstera is Monstera Deliciosa. People are looking for this plant to decorate their home interior, room interior, or even their workspace. Not only for its exotic and unique shape but Monstera attracts people because it has tropical vibes when you put it inside the room interior. It can happen when your Monstera Deliciosa growing much bigger.

  • Aesthetic Decoration

Aesthetic Decoration

The big size of Monstera Deliciosa is often called Monstera King. It can grow five times bigger than the usual Monstera Deliciosa. The bigger and denser leaves of Monstera King makes them more expensive. The big-unique leaf of Monstera King attracts people differently.  As for the ornamental plant, Monstera is often placed in an Indoor room to give an aesthetic impression.

Monstera lovers also put those King leaves as decoration to beautify the vibes of the room. If we have one pot of Monstera King with 4 or 5 leaves, it seems that we do not need another plant to be put in the room. That is because Monstera is enough to give off a soothing and calming impression.

Monstera Decoration Ideas For Your Home Interior

After knowing some reasons to use monstera plants for the interior decoration of your home, the next toppings that we will discuss are some of their applications. To apply monstera plants for interior decoration, you can choose the appropriate type of monstera plants. For example, if you want to decorate a large living room or another room, you can use a large type of monstera plant. Meanwhile, for a small room interior, you can choose a monstera type with a small size. By adjusting your decor with the type of monstera plants, you can create an aesthetic interior decoration in a natural setting.

  • Living Room

Living Room

The living room is the right area for you to create fresh and beautiful decorations using monstera plants. By using monstera plants, you can make the interior atmosphere of your living room more aesthetic in a fresh and natural atmosphere. Due to the various sizes and types of monstera plants, you can choose the type and size that suits your interior design and interior size of your home.

  • Dining Room

Dining Room

Apart from the living room, the dining room is also a place that you can decorate naturally and freshly using monstera plants. This ornamental plant provides a comfortable atmosphere for you to gather and eat with your family. Also, these ornamental plants will filter the air and absorb pollution in the interior of your home. With clean air and beautiful natural decorations, you create the most comfortable atmosphere for you to gather with family and people you care about

  • Bedroom


A bedroom is a private place for you to rest and sleep after a day of activities. By using monstera plants, you can create a tropical themed bedroom that is aesthetic and unique. Besides that, your bedroom interior will also be fresher. This is because the monstera plant is unique. This garden is one of the types of ornamental plants that can produce oxygen even at night. Thus, using monstera plants for the interior of your bedroom is the right choice to provide a natural and fresh atmosphere in a unique and aesthetic decoration.

  • Workspace


The workspace is your place to be productive from your home. For that, creating a comfortable workspace is essential for you to do. To create a comfortable workspace, you can use decorations that you like and match your character. A popular decoration for use in the workspace is ornamental plants. You can use ornamental plants such as monstera for your workspace. Monstera will provide an aesthetic decoration in a natural workspace setting. With a workspace like this, you can be more enthusiastic and productive to work from your home.

  • Bathroom


Create a bathroom with a natural and fresh décor using monstera plants. A natural atmosphere will make your activities, your body membership, or other activities in your bathroom more comfortable and enjoyable. Adjust the size of the monstera plants that you use according to the size of your bathroom. If you have a bathroom with a minimalist interior design, use a monstera with a small size inside to give it a natural aesthetic accent. Also, if you want to create a bathroom interior decoration with a tropical theme, you can use a large monstera plant. By selecting the right type and size of monstera, you can make your bathroom interior aesthetic in a natural and tropical atmosphere.

  • Kitchen


The kitchen is where you cook and prepare food in your home. Having a comfortable kitchen with beautiful decorations will make you more enthusiastic about your activities in your kitchen. For that, use monstera plants to create beautiful decorations in your kitchen. Besides, monstera plants will also freshen the air in your kitchen interior. Thus, you can cook and prepare food in your kitchen with fresh air and a beautiful natural atmosphere. Cooking with enthusiasm will make your dishes even more delicious to be enjoyed with your family and friends.


That is our discussion about the Reasons Why To Use Monstera Plants For Home Decoration. As for that, the reasons why Monstera popular and expensive are the unique shape, perforated leaves, how it is easy to multiply. Then, this plant also gives aesthetic look and soothing calm if we put it inside the interior of your toom. You can place this ornamental plant in a variety of interior rooms from the bathroom to the living room. With the right decoration, you can make your home interior stunning in a natural and fresh atmosphere. Hopefully, this article is useful for you, and congratulations on decorating the interior of your home.


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