There are some obvious things you can do to organise your wardrobe. For one, you can donate or give stuff away, and you’ll even be doing a good deed. For another, you can sell your items, and you’ll do yourself a good deed. There are other things you can do to free yourself from wardrobe clutter and become organised once and for all. So what are these handy tips? Let’s have a look.

  • When you choose matching hangers, your clothes will look more uniform, and you’ll be inspired to keep them uniform since you know they’re not mixed and matched anymore. Investing in a new set of hangers that match does a lot for your wardrobe, and it instantly makes your closet look cleaner and neater. Here’s another tip: why not invest in fabric hangers for that luxurious feel? Plastic hangers may be fine but go for the fabric-covered ones or the wooden ones if you want something special. They’re better for your clothes, too.
  • When people decide what to keep and what not to keep, they ask themselves an obvious question: when did I use/wear it last? It’s a good question. It makes you think you didn’t wear that clothing item because it was just at the back of the closet, and it slipped your mind. But if you want to be serious about getting rid of stuff, a better question would be, is it possible to live without it? It’s a better question because it forces you to make a clear decision about that item, and it’s a question of going with your gut.
  • There may be some items on hangers that are not supposed to be on hangers or are better off being folded, as suggested by built-in wardrobes Manchester specialists like MyFittedBedroom. Take jeans, for instance – these would do quite well when folded in a drawer instead of being hung. The key is to look closely at your space and learn to think outside the box. Another case in point would be jumpers; they are just as easy, store folded.
  • Once you’ve done some decluttering and your wardrobe looks ’empty’, it doesn’t mean you can start purchasing things once again! You can buy some items (you deserve a reward, after all), but make sure you’re buying an investment. In other words, make sure that it is meant to last. It is essential to invest in items that are made well and will stand the test of time, and don’t go too much with the trendy pieces, as you know that trends come and go. Many brands hold their value quite well, but you can also consider vintage pieces or buy something you see yourself using for the indefinite future.
  • Check everything. When all is said and done, have you checked everything there is to check in your wardrobe? Keep in mind that it’s easy to overlook items like your nightwear, gym or sportswear, or even your lingerie. Make sure you tackle these after you’ve tackled your everyday wear items, and don’t be swayed by being sentimental, either. It’s fine to keep a thing or two, but invest in storage boxes if you want to save space in your wardrobe.


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