Water and electricity are two elements that should never mix in your home. If you own a boiler, you need to be careful how you use and maintain it. The results can be catastrophic such that you risk losing your boiler system or your entire house. The only thing left to do when your boiler is leaking is to call professionals. You may realize that you might have to replace the entire boiler in the end. If you think it is time to replace your boiler, you can always find the best installers near you. You will come across a boiler installation and replacement company dedicated to giving you the best services. For more information, click here to get the best technicians. Before we look at the reasons why your boiler is leaking, let us first discuss what you should do when you notice the leaks.

What to Do with a Leaking Boiler?

It is always not advisable to DIY boiler problems unless you have ample knowledge about boilers. Instead, call the expert to rectify the issue. However, there are a few things you can do before the experts arrive.

  • Cut the water supply
  • Turn off the heating
  • Wipe the water
  • Contact a professional

Why is Water Leaking from the Boiler?

There are several common causes of boiler leaks, and it is crucial to determine the origin of the leaks to fix them once and for all. Here are the causes.

  • Pressure

If there is too much pressure in the boiler, that could be one big reason why it is leaking. The boiler needs to release some pressure from the activity that happens inside to prevent an explosion. Check if the pressure gauge needle is pointing above 2. This indicates that the pressure is too high, causing the leaks. Try reducing the pressure to below 2 and see if there will be a change.

  • Corrosion

The pressure level may be on the right point, but the boiler is still leaking. This means there is another issue. Corrosion on the pipes and the tank could be the underlying issue. Corrosion allows water to seep out sometimes, and this may be the reason why there are water puddles around the boiler. Try replacing the affected parts if the problem has not spread over the system.

  • Poor Installation

Poor installation is another issue that could be causing the leaks. You may notice some parts were poorly fitted. In this case, you should call a registered boiler installer. Additionally, ensure you always hire the services of experienced boiler installation experts in the future.

  • High Temperature

The modern boilers come with a mechanism that prevents them from overheating past a specific point. An overheating boiler is a ticking time bomb that must be disintegrated as soon as possible. So, check the temperature sensors, and if everything seems to be in good condition, call the engineers.

Wrapping It Up!

The rule of thumb when facing boiler issues is to never attempt to DIY. Instead, consider asking for help from qualified professionals. Contact us if you are facing boiler problems in Poole. We will help you decide if you should repair or replace it.


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