A door consists of various elements. If you’ve ever been to a DIY door and furnishing superstore, you must have seen so many doorelements and products in different aisles. Door threshold and threshold ramp being some of them. Door threshold is a simple sloped piece extending across the door’s bottom to the walkway surface and is slightly elevated to keep water from entering the house.

Additionally, a well-fitted door threshold is good for improving energy efficiency of your home.

Purpose of door thresholds

Door threshold ramp are generally used as the main door opening. These are basically placed for closing the gap between floor and door. Besides, it provides resistance against the following:


One of the major purposes of installing a door threshold is to seal the main door for protecting the interior against extreme weather conditions in summer and winter. It also prevents home interiors against rain and snow – that would, otherwise, find a way into the living area.

Air leakage

Door threshold prevents air leakage. This means it stops leakage of indoor air. This results in reduced cooling and heating costs as it eliminates need of electronic appliances for optimization of indoor temperature.


Keep unwanted pests and insects away from your home – thanks to door threshold ramp. Without a threshold, a large gap between the floor and the door’s bottom allows snakes, tiny rodents, or scorpions to enter your home.

When does a door threshold need changing?

Your door threshold may need replacement over time. Since it is intended to withstand a lot of daily traffic, pressure, and climate conditions, a threshold is likely to deteriorate eventually. However, it’s not a tedious task to replace your door threshold. All it requires is a set of basic tools to remove screws and lift the weathered threshold.

However, when thinking of installing a new threshold, you need to choose the one that perfectly suits the style and requirement of your home. Plus, it should be able to cover the complete width of your door.

Reasons your door threshold needs replacement

Here are a few reasons yourexisting door threshold needs replacement:

  • Weathered, warped, or cracked: Door thresholds are often slammed, stepped on, kicked, and also exposed to weather conditions. That’s why it’s likely to weather, crack, or warp over time. Doors can take a beating over their lifetime. If you notice that your existing threshold has cracks and many stress fractures, it’s time to replace it with the new one.
  • Non-functioning: One reason to install a door threshold is to block the outside air entering your home from underneath the door. If you feel that your threshold is not able to block air leakage, it’s certainly not functioning well. Whenever this happens, it’s time to start looking for a new threshold.
  • Water or insect-damaged: Another sign of water damage is when wood starts to deteriorate andstarts to break apart. Another common type of damage to a threshold is insect damage, which is usually caused by small rodents or other pests/insects. When you notice any such damage to your door threshold ramp, it is time to replace it.
  • Energy-inefficient: Conventional door threshold and frames, especially the wooden ones – wear out over a span of a few years. If you notice a draft around a door, it’s when outside air leaks into the indoor and vice-versa. This is when the threshold becomes energy-inefficient and also leads to rise in energy bills over time. To prevent any further energy-inefficiency issues, you need to replace the threshold as soon as possible.

If you decide to replace your main door due to any such damages or gradual weathering or deterioration, it’s time to start looking for a new threshold. It’s best to consult professionals to help you determine the right door threshold for your home.


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