– The workspace is an essential part of the home for some homeowners. Those who bring their work home and those who work from home need workspace. A comfortable workspace is certainly a dream for many workers who work from home. With a comfortable and beautiful workspace, work from home will be more efficient and productive. With a variety of designs and furniture to support your workspace, you can create a workspace according to your creativity and character. That way, you become more comfortable in your workspace at home.

Workspace Design Inspiration for Efficient and Productive Work From Home

In this article, we will discuss some inspirational ideas for beautiful and comfortable workspace designs for you to use. You can adjust your choice according to your needs and desires. A beautiful and comfortable workspace will increase your motivation to work. When your motivation increases due to the positive atmosphere of your workspace, then you can work more productively and efficiently. Let’s discuss one by one workspace design inspiration in this article.

Dark Workspace

Dark Workspace

The first workspace design that you can use is to use dark colors. You can use a variety of dark colors such as black, gray, or brown for your workspace. Using dark colors gives an elegant impression and atmosphere. By using the right lighting, your dark color workspace will provide an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere. This dark workspace is perfect for those of you who work as someone who has a position in a job. With a dark, relaxed, and elegant workspace like this, it makes you work from home more productive and comfortable.

Workspace With Textured Decorations

Workspace with texture

You can use a workspace design with a texture to give a unique and beautiful impression. The texture of the striped pattern in your workspace provides a soft and soothing atmosphere. That way, you can be more relaxed and comfortable in your workspace. Also, you can add lights to add a beautiful and aesthetic atmosphere to your workspace. A workspace like this is suitable for you to use in your bedroom or a special room for you to work.

Workspace With Wallpaper

wokrspace with wallpaper

Apart from using a striped pattern texture in your workspace, you can beautify your workspace by using wallpapers. Wallpaper has many designs and patterns. You can use wallpaper according to the interior style you are using. You can use wallpaper with floral patterns to combine with wooden furniture in your workspace. Besides, there are still many options that you can use according to your character so that you can be more comfortable in your workspace.

Workspace With Pop Art Decorations

Workspace With Pop Art Decorations

For those of you millennial generation and people who love art, using a workspace with a pop-art design is perfect for you. A workspace with a pop-art concept will provide an aesthetic and artistic atmosphere. The artistic atmosphere will inspire you and also increase your motivation to work from home. You can make the atmosphere more comfortable and fresh by making your workspace face outward. That way, you can be more comfortable with the broad impression given. With this convenience, you can work more productively and efficiently.

Workspace Under The Stairs

Workspace Under The Stairs

You can use the space under your stairs to make a comfortable and beautiful workspace. By using the workspace under the stairs, you can save space and your budget. You don’t need to make a special room for you to work on and you don’t need to use a space other than space under the stairs. You can create a workspace with the size that is under your stairs. If you have a large enough space, you can use it as a workspace for two people.

Corner Workspace

Corner Workspace

In addition to using the space under your stairs, you can use the space in the corner of your room. The corner of the room is often not used properly by homeowners. Therefore, you can use it as a comfortable and pleasant workspace. You can use part or all of the corners of the room to create a workspace according to your needs. With the right and comfortable decoration, your workspace is the most comfortable place to work from home.

Workspace Attached to the Wall

Workspace Attached to the Wall

Using the workspace under the stairs and the corner of the room is interesting. But what if you don’t have space there? You can use the walls of your room to make your workspace comfortable. By adding tables and shelves attached to the walls, you can save space and also make your workspace functional.

Folding Table

There are many table designs attached to the wall nowadays, you can use a table with a permanent installation or you can also use a portable folding table. For that, you can adjust it to the size of your room such as a bedroom or living room. With the right size and furniture, your workspace will be comfortable and make you more productive when working from home.

Minimalist Workspace

minimalist workspace

For those of you who have a small house, you can use a minimalist workspace design. Minimalist design that prioritizes function and simple beauty provides a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere for you. Use appropriate furniture and decorations such as tables, shelves, and chairs. Also, to add comfort and beauty you can use a variety of ornamental plant decorations. Decorative plants can provide freshness and filter the air in your minimalist workspace.

Industrial WorkspaceIndustrial Workspace

In addition to the minimalist interior style in your workspace, you can also use industrial interior styles. With this interior style, you can create a warm atmosphere in your workspace. The atmosphere is formed because of the distinctive decoration and character. You can use a variety of iron decorations on room furniture. Also, the most visible feature of the industrial interior style is the walls that show neatly arranged bricks. With a workspace that has a character like this, you can work enthusiastically and efficiently.

Shabby Chic Workspace

Shabby Chic Workspace

You can also create a workspace with a charming shabby chic interior style. A workspace with a shabby chic interior style can give your room a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. With white and pink in the interior of the room, it will give softness and beauty to your workspace. With the softness and comfort provided by this shabby chic workspace, it will make you work more productively and efficiently.

Classic Workspace

classic workspace

The final design we discuss is a workspace with a classic atmosphere. You can use wood furniture that is beautifully carved to give your workspace a classic, warm, and elegant impression. Placing this workspace facing the window will provide natural lighting that makes you comfortable at work. Also, placing the workspace in the home library with your collection of books will make work more enthusiastic. The enthusiasm and comfort provided will make you work more productively and efficiently.


That is our discussion about Workspace Design Inspiration for Efficient and Productive Work From Home. With the right workspace design and following the character you like, your working atmosphere at home will be more comfortable and pleasant. A comfortable workspace will allow you to work productively and efficiently. Make your workspace as comfortable as possible. Hopefully, this article is useful to you.


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