– Cactus is a part of succulents. It is a perennial plant with thick herbaceous. Some Cacti have woody stems that contain chlorophyll. This succulent has many varieties. Most people grow Cacti for indoor or outdoor decor. This houseplant is drought resistant, so it will grow well in almost all conditions. Here, are Cacti varieties that are easy to grow and best for beginner gardeners. Read on the 19 Cacti for Beginner Gardeners with Short Guides, Start The Succulent Garden from Now below!

  1. Schlumbergera

Schlumbergera is the first variety in this list. It has a beautiful appearance. Schlumbergera is also known as Christmas Cactus. The tender stems are stunning when growing long. There are some nodes along the stem.


Even though Schlumbergera is a succulent, it can’t take full sun. This plant prefers bright to partial sunlight. Also, this cactus needs enough water to keep the soil moist. You can check the topsoil every week. Then, water it thoroughly when it gets dry.

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  1. Cereus

Cereus is a desert cactus. This plant lives well in hardy conditions. It grows taller up to 15 meters in a good environment. Cereus has 30 species, so you have some options to grow it in your garden. Yes, it grows best outdoors because it has a tree shape.


Cereus blooms white flowers at night during spring seasons. These white flowers are fragrant and stunning for a garden landscape. You can grow Cereus with other succulents. It looks interesting to cover the soil with rocks around Cereus plants. The rocks will keep the soil moist.

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  1. Ferrocactus

Ferrocactus is an easy-growing plant. It loves high humidity and bright to partial sunlight. The best temperature to grow it is a little frost-hardy. Meanwhile, it grows best in acidic to neutral soil. You can mix these soil materials to thrive on Ferrocactus.


Besides, this succulent has an attractive appearance. It has reddish-orang petals when flowers. These flowers appear in a central ring. Like other cacti, it requires water when the topsoil dries. This drought resistant will grow better in a healthy environment with enough water.

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  1. Pereskia

Pereskia is an attractive genus. This plant has spines even though it doesn’t look like a cactus. Pereskia has more than 17 species and some of them are easy to grow. The beginner gardener can grow Pereskia with minimum skills. This plant requires basic needs to grow well.


Moreover, Pereskia is also known as Rose cacti or Lemon Vines. This succulent can climb on something or grow like a good shrub. Thus, this cactus variety grows best outdoors. Besides, Pereskia loves warm places. Then, it will grow up to 10 meters tall.

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  1. Mammillaria

Mammillaria is a good choice for beginner gardeners who want to grow Cactus. Mammillaria has a stunning appearance like a thorny ball. This cactus can bloom striking tiny flowers during warm seasons. As a succulent, this cactus is drought tolerant. Mammillaria needs little water from spring to fall seasons.


Then, never water this plant during the winter season. Ensure to avoid excess watering to keep their roots healthy. Besides, Mammillaria is stunning to grow in a container indoors. It is important to put it under bright to partial sunlight. Mammillaria can’t live well under low to poor light.

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  1. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a popular houseplant. This plant doesn’t look like a cactus. Kalanchoe is easy to grow for beginner gardeners. It has tender stems and fleshy leaves. Also, Kalanchoe blooms beautiful tiny flowers during warm seasons. You can grow Kalanchoe indoors and outdoors.


This succulent tolerates sandy soil. It grows well in soil with minimum water as well. Despite that, it is better to grow Kalanchoe in a good environment. Moreover, Kalanchoe doesn’t need much light. It is okay to grow Kalanchoe in low to partial sunlight.

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  1. Hatiora

Hatiora will be a nice choice. It is a tropical cactus that grows well indoors and outdoors. Some Hatiora varieties can grow like shrubs. It will make an interesting accent for your garden landscape. Also, this succulent is one of the Cacti that is easy to grow for beginner gardeners.


Hatiora is also known as the Easter cactus. It doesn’t like moist soil and prefers well-draining soil. Thus, it is important to avoid overwatering. This easy-growing plant is a sun lover. You can grow Hatiora in a place that gets bright to partial sunlight.

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  1. Echinopsis

Echinopsis is a cute cactus. It is also known as Sea Urchin and Hedgehog Cactus. This plant has a small ball appearance. Echinopsis is an interesting cactus because it has many colors. It is an easy-growing cactus for beginner gardeners.


Echinopsis is drought tolerant. It can’t live in a soggy pot because it will rot its roots. Echinopsis blooms from spring to summer seasons. This plant requires adequate water thoroughly. Then, don’t water this plant during the winter seasons.

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  1. Gymnocalycium

Gymnocalycium is a small cactus. It looks like a thorny ball. This requires enough water from spring to summer seasons. Then, pour a little water during winter seasons and cool climates. Always check the topsoil before watering the Gymnocalycium cactus.


Moreover, it needs bright sunlight to keep growing well. Despite that, it can’t take much sunlight all year round. Extreme sunlight will damage this cactus. Otherwise, let this cactus be dormant during the winter seasons. The extreme frost in moist soil will damage this cactus as well.

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  1. Barrel Cactus

Barrel Cactus is a small cactus. This succulent is a desert plant. It has a thorny surface and a yellow center. Barrel Cactus is stunning to grow as an indoor and outdoor plant. As a beginner gardener, you can grow Barrel Cactus in a small pot. Then, prepare succulent soil materials.

Barrel Cactus

There are perlite, compost, and potting soil to grow Barrel Cactus. Ensure that it gets well-draining soil. Then, watering this plant once when the topsoil is dry. It is okay to grow Barrel Cactus in minimal water. Like other succulents, Barrel Cactus loves bright sunlight. Thus, keep growing this plant under full sunlight.

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  1. Parodia

Parodia is another small cactus. It has a round shape with thorny surfaces. This plant grows well during the spring to summer seasons. Parodia loves succulent potting soil and moist conditions. Watering this cactus thoroughly during dry seasons. Otherwise, let it be dormant during the winter seasons.


Parodia is a sensitive plant and can’t take excessive water. Thus, always check the topsoil before watering. This cactus looks interesting to grow indoors and outdoors. Parodia can grow up to 1 meter tall under bright indirect sunlight. It will bloom colorful flowers during the spring to summer seasons.

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  1. Astrophytum

Astrophytum is an ornamental plant. It is a bit hard to grow Astrophytum for a beginner gardener. Astrophytum is a slow bloomer over the years. Also, it needs regular watering during growth. Always let the topsoil dry thoroughly before the next watering.


Astrophytum has a global appearance. It makes Astrophytum perfect as a houseplant. You can use succulent potting soil. Also, ensure it gets well-draining soil. Astrophytum requires bright to full sunlight to grow well.

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  1. Hoya Heart Cactus

Hoya Heart Cactus or Hoya Kerrii is an interesting plant. This succulent is a perfect choice for a beginner gardener. You can grow Hoya Heart Cactus in a pot. It requires succulent potting soil and full sunlight. If you grow it indoors, then put it near a window sill.

Hoya Heart Cactus

Hoya Heart Cactus needs moderate water. You can water this plant every 3-4 weeks. This succulent is a vining plant, thus it needs a stand. It is helpful to add a small trellis or a stick for their vines. You should be patient when growing Hoya Heart Cactus because it will mature slowly.

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  1. Rebutia globular

Rebutia globular is an attractive succulent. This cactus is a small and cute plant. It blooms from the lower parts of its stems. You will see the flowers are bigger than the plant. Rebutia globular is a nice choice for an indoor houseplant.

Rebutia globular

Moreover, this plant is easy to care for. It grows well with minimum water. Besides, it requires frequent water during hot seasons when growing outdoors. If you want to grow Rebutia globular, you need to prepare succulent potting soil. Also, ensure this plant gets well-draining soil.

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  1. Orchid Cacti

Orchid Cacti or Epiphyllum Oxypetalum is an attractive succulent. It is easy to grow in almost all soil types. This plant has colored leaves. Orchid Cactus is stunning to put in a pot. Then, you can grow it as an indoor or outdoor plant. Orchid Cacti can grow up to 10 feet tall when growing outdoors.

Orchid Cacti

Furthermore, this plant requires potting mix to get well-draining soil. Orchid Cacti is one of the best choices for a beginner gardener who wants to grow cactus. Moreover, this plant requires water when the topsoil is dry. It is better to grow Orchid Cacti under bright sunlight. You will see its beautiful flowers that bloom at night.

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  1. Thelocactus

Thelocactus is another succulent with a globe shape. It has many spikes. This ornamental plant can bloom flowers during dry seasons. Moreover, Thelocactus is drought tolerant. It survives in dry soil with minimum water. Also, as a succulent, Thelocactus loves bright to full sunlight.


You can plant this cactus in a pot. Then, put it in a sunny place. Furthermore, Thelocactus requires more water during the summer seasons. Otherwise, don’t water this plant during the winter seasons. Extreme frost or cool temperatures will damage this succulent.

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  1. Lophophora

Lophophora or Peyote is a small succulent. This cactus is unique because most varieties are spineless. It is a good choice for a beginner gardener but it takes longer times to mature. Lophophora is an easy-growing plant and can propagate by cutting or seedling. It can grow up to 4 inches tall and 10 inches wide.


Besides, this plant loves bright to partial sun. Even though it is a sun lover but it can’t live in extremely hot seasons. Thus, it is better to grow Lophophora in a warm place. As an ornamental cactus, Lophophora can bloom beautiful flowers on the top of stems.

  1. Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus or Opuntia is a popular cactus. It grows in almost all soil types. Prickly Pear Cactus is a tropical plant, so it grows better in well-draining soil with bright sunlight. If you want to grow it indoors, always put it near sunlight. A window sill or glass wall are perfect places to grow Prickly Pear Cactus.

Prickly Pear Cactus

Furthermore, this cactus is easy to grow. Beginner gardeners can grow Prickly Pear Cactus by cutting. You can put the cutting stems on the soil. Then, water it when the topsoil is dry. It will emerge tiny roots and make new growth.

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  1. Tiger Jaws

Tiger Jaws is also known as Faucaria Tigrine. It is a low-light succulent. Tiger Jaws tolerate low to poor light but you can give filtered lights to support their growth. This succulent is suitable for indoors. It requires minimum sunlight for at least four hours every day.

Tiger Jaws

Moreover, this plant requires well-draining soil. It looks stunning to grow Tiger Jaws in a pot. You can use a succulent potting mix that contains enough nutrients for new growth. Besides, this cactus will make an attractive accent. Their leaves are striking with jaw-like shapes.

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These are 19 Cacti for Beginner Gardeners with Short Guides, Start The Succulent Garden from Now. Some of them require more water during dry seasons. Also, some species are slow growers, so they take more times to mature. The best material to grow these cacti is a potting mix. This succulent soil can provide well-draining soil. Hopefully, this post is useful for you. May these lists and the short guides will inspire you to grow cactus. Happy gardening!


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