– Chili peppers are an essential ingredient to make your cook more delicious. It has a spicy taste to challenge your tongue. Do you ever see a chili peppers plant? This plant has a typical appearance as other chili plants with tiny branches, tiny green leaves, small flowers, and some chilies. A bright windowsill that facing south is good to grow this plant. Take advantage of your kitchen to thrive this plant on its windowsill. For this reason, this article will discuss Easy Ways to Take Care of Chili Peppers in Your Home. This plant is better to thrive indoors for the first month to make sure that it adjusts the new soil in your container. It loves the sunlight and fresh air to grow well. Thus, we have listed some steps to plant your chili peppers. Let’s discuss!

Gardening Tools

Gardening Tools

The first thing we cover in this article before growing and caring for chili pepper is determining the various tools you will need. With the right gardening tools, you can do your gardening activities more effectively and efficiently. Besides that, you can also feel more comfortable in planting and caring for your chili pepper plants. The following are the tools you need to prepare.

  1. Hoe
  2. Hand trowel
  3. Gardening fork
  4. Pot or container
  5. Fertilizer

Simple Steps to Plant Chili Peppers

In addition to determining the various garden tools you need, you need to know a variety of tips and steps for growing the chili pepper you want. These various tips will also make it easier for you to take care of chili peppers that you have. You can easily follow these simple steps for your chili pepper in your mini garden, backyard garden, kitchen windowsill, or any other place you want. Let’s discuss!

  1. Choose the variety of your chili peppers. Mirasol, Peter Pepper, Thai Dragon, and Fresno are good to plant indoors.
  2. Prepare the chili seeds.
  3. Put them directly on the surface of the soil or plant them for at least 2-3 inches.
  4. Cover the soil with a thin layer of compost, then water it gently.
  5. Put the container indoors, keep the soil still moist.
  6. Water it regularly (once every three days).
  7. Check the new bud to grow.
  8. When the height is about 10 cm, move them outside.

How to Take Care of Chili Peppers in Your Home

The next topic in this article is Easy Ways to Take Care of Chili Peppers in Your Home. By caring for this plant properly, you can get optimal results according to your needs. Chili peppers can grow indoors in any place, as long as it gets enough water and light. It thrives well in a good environment for them. Some things you need to consider when growing this plant as follows. Let’s discuss them one by one!

  • Watering


Watering your chili peppers when the soil starts to dry. It can’t live in soggy soil. Thus, you need to check the soil first, in case it is overwatering and causes rotten stems. For the young plant, you can give a little water. Make sure that the tension from the water will not damage the soil around their stem. Give some sprinkles on the soil is enough to water this plant without causing any damage.

  • Humidity


The chili peppers love dry air and the normal humidity of the soil. A temperature under 6° C may damage your chili plant. It makes the chilies start to die. The signs of unhealthy temperature for chili are losing their flowers and leaves. Put your chili indoors when the winter comes and put them outside in the summer season to get enough sunlight. It grows well at 21-32° C.

  • Lighting


Chili peppers love sunlight. Growing your chili plants all year round indoors. As long as this plant gets enough light then it grows well. If you can’t put them in a place with adequate light, you can install LED lights for early cultivation. Since these chili peppers love to get light, then it is necessary to provide enough light for them.

  • Maintenance


Check your chili peppers every day. You need to observe this plant will not get any pests. The common pest in this plant are lice and spider mites. Give protection for your chili peppers by spraying neem oil on their stem and leaves. The white plague is common to emerge on the chili leaves. You can spray them so.

  • Fertilizer


Potting mix is good for your chili peppers. It is a healthy nutrient to grow this plant well. Give fertilizer for this plant at least once a month. Don’t give too much fertilizer because it causes the yellow leaves. The natural fertilizer is nice for your chili peppers. As a natural fertilizer, compost is good for drainage.

  • Move Chili Peppers Outdoor

Move Chili Peppers Outdoor

Deciding the right time to move your chili peppers depends on the season. You should consider that the climate will not cause any damage to your plant. The winter season isn’t the right time to grow your chili peppers outdoor, thus, you keep them inside the house till the spring season comes. If your plant is ready to move outdoor, check the humidity of the soil. Make sure that it is still wet but not soggy. The temperature and light in the new environment are important to guarantee your chili peppers grow outdoor. Thus, move it outdoor in the summer or spring season and put it in a place with a stable temperature and get enough light.

  • How to Pick Your Chili

How to Pick Your Chili

The ripening period is about three months after planting the seeds. Prepare to plant your chili plants in early January and it is ready to harvest in March till April. Fresh harvesting is good for your food ingredients. Pick your chili in the right amounts when you need a spicy recipe. Don’t forget to hold its stem when you pick the chili.


That is our discussion about Easy Ways to Take Care of Chili Peppers in Your Home. Chili peppers have a delicious taste when to add them into your recipe to get a spicy taste. It is easy to plant chili peppers at home. Even though you have a small land then it is welcoming you to have a little chili garden. The instructions we have shared with you are beneficial to follow if you want to get a healthy and fresh ingredient at home. Put them indoors when you grow them by the seeds, then take them outdoors to get as much sun for all year round. Happy gardening and good luck!


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