You can have the cosiest setup. You can have the warmest lighting, the most tasteful décor, the prettiest colours, and the most inviting bedroom layout there is. All of that won’t help when you climb into bed only to find it musty, smelly, and generally unpleasant. It’s surprisingly easy for us to overlook our mattresses when it comes to regular cleaning, especially since we spend almost more time on our mattresses than we do everywhere else throughout the waking hours! In fact, most of us spend more time on the cleanliness of our towels and floors than we do our mattresses, even though we see more of the latter than we ever do of the former. Because of that, too many people don’t get that perfectly cosy bedroom feeling they’re looking for. Not unless they avoid the bed in their bedroom! To get around that, here are a few tips for keeping your mattress fresh and clean and inviting.

Ventilation is Preventative

Maybe you have your mattress from a few years and you’ve never washed it? Perhaps you’re just looking for a new mattress now and you want to keep it clean from the very beginning? Once a mattress gets musty, it’s a bit more work to freshen it up. That’s why it’s best to get ahead of the problem. To avoid having to break out the baking soda, open a window every so often. You see, many fabrics are absorbent, especially when it comes to odours. Since your bed is almost certainly going to be the largest fabric object in the room, it’s going to absorb a lot of odour from all over the room. Once those smells settle in, they’re stubborn, too. You’ll find no shortage of posts online from people begging for help with smells that just won’t go away. So, ventilate your bedroom regularly to avoid being one of them.

If the Smells Do Show Up…

You can’t go wrong with baking soda. You may have heard of this age-old remedy used for refrigerators, but it works in basically any instance that requires odour removal. Baking soda works in so many scenarios because of its highly reactive nature. It’s a type of substance called an amphoteric compound; that means it can act as either an acid or a base in a chemical reaction. You might remember from chemistry class that acids and bases tend to neutralise or cancel each other out when they react with each other. Baking soda does this with the odour molecules in its vicinity. It reacts with the molecules and neutralises their pH, which eliminates the underlying smell. So, baking soda doesn’t really trap smells so much as it cancels them out. With it, you can eliminate lots of built up odour and be left with a fresh sent.

The Wonders of Misting

Sometimes, it’s about the little things. If you’re the sort of person who loves incense, candles, and perfumes, this is the ideal solution for you. Between changing the bedding on your mattress, take the opportunity to hoover it a little. After that, apply a bit of sleep mist directly onto the mattress. If you quite like soothing scents, apply a bit more to your freshly applied clean bedding too. The mist takes over as the primary odour, which prevents anything more unpleasant from taking over. Great scents for this approach include lavender and chamomile.


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