– Fertilizer is an essential element to grow the plant. It is food for the plant’s roots and gives nutrients to the soil. Fertilizing the plant makes them grow vigorously especially for their leaves and flowers. It helps the plant to stand firmly in the soil. By giving enough fertilizer, your plant will grow healthy. Many kinds of fertilizer that you can use in the garden. Organic fertilizer is made of organic ingredients that are safe for your plants rather than chemical fertilizer. For that, in this article, we will discuss How to Make an Organic Fertilizer from Stinging Nettle Tea. Read on this article to see how to make organic fertilizer from stinging nettle leaves.

What is the Stinging Nettle Plant?

What is the Stinging Nettle Plant?

Urtica dioica or Stinging nettle tea is an herbaceous plant. It usually lives in damp fertile soil. You will find it grows massive during the spring season. It is a free resource to make an organic fertilizer if you have many stinging nettles in your area. Some people see it as a weed but stinging nettle has benefits for their plant as tea fertilizer. Here, we have listed the benefits of stinging nettle leaves for health:

  1. reduce the bacterial infections
  2. stabilizes human’s blood sugar levels
  3. reduce inflammation
  4. enlarge prostate symptoms
  5. contains minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamins A, C, and K.

Easy Way to Make Organic Fertilizer from Stinging Nettle

The next topic in this article is a variety of easy ways that you can use to make organic fertilizer from stinging nettle tea. You can start by preparing the various tools and materials you need. To make making your organic fertilizer easier, you can use gardening tools that are useful for all your activities. The following are various things you need and steps you can follow in creating organic fertilizer from stinging nettle tea. Let’s discuss!

Things You Need

Things You Need

Many benefits of stinging nettle that it offers to us. It is good to be an ingredient for fertilizer rather than just being a nuisance in your garden. Let’s start with the various tools and materials you need to prepare to make organic fertilizer from stinging nettle tea!

  1. Gardening hand gloves
  2. A basket full of stinging nettle leaves
  3. Scissor (optional)
  4. A big bucket
  5. Water
  6. Stir stick

Steps You Can Follow

After you have prepared various tools and materials, the next topic in creating organic fertilizer from stinging nettle is a variety of steps to make you. You can follow the various tips below easily from your home. Thus, making your organic fertilizer easier and more enjoyable. Therefore, let’s discuss the various steps to make this organic fertilizer one by one!

  • Pick Only the Leaves

Pick Only the Leaves

Make a stinging nettle tea fertilizer requires a bunch of stinging nettle leaves. You need to compile them in a basket. Wear your hand gloves to protect your hand. Pick the leaves without any stem or root. The stinging nettle leaves are easy to find in the edge of the forest, near the pit, and the wild garden. The mature leaves have stronger nutrients than the young leaves.

  • Chop the Stinging Nettle Leaves

Chop the Stinging Nettle Leaves

A full bucket with stinging nettle leaves may take more space. It is easier to fermentate the leaves if it has small pieces. Chop the leaves by using a scissor or chopping by yourself. The more you compile stinging nettle leaves, the more organic fertilizer that you can make. Moreover, the number of stinging nettle leaves determines how much water that you need to make tea fertilizer. Chop more leaves to make extra fertilizer for your plants.

  • Fermentation the Leaves

Fermentation the Leaves

After you pick many leaves, you need to take them all into a bucket. The amount of water should be enough to sink all stinging nettle leaves. The fermentation process takes 7-14 days to get a perfect fertilizer. During the fermentation process, don’t touch the fermentation water with your finger. It irritates human skin. Thus, you need to cover this bucket with a wooden plank or other things because it spreads a smelly aroma. The water will soften the stinging nettle leaves and release polyphenols as fertilizer. This process makes the watercolor turning brown. During the

  • Screening the Stinging Nettle Tea Fertilizer

Screening the Stinging Nettle Tea Fertilizer

When you see fewer bubbles in the bucket after stirring it, then you can stop the fermentation step. The stinging nettle tea is almost done. Prepare a screening tray from your kitchen and make a new bucket. Put the screening tray on the new bucket. You can use a dipper to pour the water continuously. The small dirty pieces will stay on the screening tray and filtering the clean tea fertilizer in a new bucket. You can use the small pieces of stinging nettle leaves in a compost bin. It will decay slowly to add nitrogen to your compost.

  • Apply the Fertilizer

Apply the Fertilizer

The stinging nettle tea fertilizer is ready to use for plants, but it takes several things to prepare before applying the fertilizer. Take a bottle sprayer or watering can. Use a dipper to fill the bottle sprayer or water can with stinging nettle tea fertilizer. You can store the stinging nettle tea fertilizer in a gallon or big bottle for the next fertilizing. Spraying this fertilizer around the plant’s roots. Do deep fertilizing because it is an organic fertilizer that is safe for your plants.


Thus our discussion about How to Make an Organic Fertilizer from Stinging Nettle Tea. Stinging nettle is a perennial plant that can be a herbal ingredient for a delicious tea. It has medical benefits for the human body to keep them healthy. The stinging nettle plant is easy to find in the wild garden and they are the fast-growing plant. Even though some people see them as a weed but it is valuable rather than just a nuisance. Make it as fertilizer to feed your plant with organic material. Hopefully, your plant can grow vigorously. Good luck and happy gardening!


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