– Grape is a small fruit that has a sweet and juicy taste. This fruit is delicious to complement some food and beverages such as salads, desserts, ice cream, roasted grape crostini, and so on. You can eat grapes every day to give potassium to your body and reduce the risk of heart disease. Thus, it is beneficial to store grapes in your home, even you can start growing grapevines by yourself. Most people like to grow several plants such as ornamental plants, vegetables, and fruits. Grapevine is an interesting option to grow in your garden and make a decoration from its stems by swirling them on the pergola or trellis. Moreover, you can use it as a natural shelter in your garden. Therefore, we will discuss Easy Ways to Grow Grapevines from Seedlings and How to Care for Them. Let’s know more about growing grapevine in your garden!

All About Grapevine

All About Grapevine

Before we dive into the main topic of this article, we will talk about things related to grapevines. You need to know the various characteristics of this plant so that you can grow it well in your home. Growing the grapevine requires several points to highlight due to its characteristics. Here are some characteristics of grapevine that you need to know.

  • Grape is a tropical and subtropical plant. Many species of grape that you can choose to grow at home. Some grapes have different tastes, colors, and shapes. Thus, you need to pick the best type to grow in your garden and based on your needs. There are Flame seedless, Cotton candy, Ruby seedless, Red globe grape, Thompson seedless, and Moon drop.
  • Grape loves a warm place. The natural temperature has a big influence on the grapevine. This plant lives at 77-90° F in its natural habitat. Grape is drought tolerant, then it will survive during the hot temperature in summer.
  • Grape is an easy-growing plant. The right season to grow is spring and summer season, but you can start seedlings in the winter. The moist temperature stimulates the grape seeds to germinate. You can make an alternative environment to mimic the winter temperature by covering the tray where you germinate its seeds.
  • It is a woody vine plant. Grape usually grows like a creeper and climbing plant. If you grow them in your garden, trellis or pergola is an essential thing to build near the grape. It helps the grapevine to grow stronger, then it can produce many fruits.

Gardening Tools That You Need

Gardening Tools That You Need

The next topic we cover in this article is the various gardening tools you will need to grow grapevines. We will learn how to grow grapevines from seedlings, this method may take a few months and you need some tools to help them grow to harvest. Here are the gardening tools that you need:

  1. Garden trowel
  2. A pot
  3. Regular potting soil
  4. Paper towel
  5. Water sprayer

How to Grow Grapes from Seedlings

The main topic in this article is how to grow grapevines with seedlings. By growing this fruit in this way, you need to do it carefully and be full of patience so that you get optimal results. Grape is a sweet fruit that you can eat every day. It is easy to grow a grape plant in your home. The main point is your patience in starting it until you enjoy the results. Therefore, let’s discuss!

  • Germinate the Seeds

Germinate the Seeds

You can get grape seeds from the original fruits and put the seeds into a small glass. Pour a half glass of water to sow them. If you see the floating seeds, then take them from the glass. Soaking the seeds for 24 hours and rinse them the next day. Put the seeds on a paper towel. Misting the paper towel by using a water sprayer, then put it in a tray. They will germinate after 35 days.

  • Prepare the Soil

Prepare the Soil

Soil is an important element to grow every plant. Manage the soil first before transplanting the grapes plant. The quality of soil influences the plant’s growth. Use regular potting soil with a good drainage system, so their roots can grow healthy. The substitute for regular potting soil is made of 50% garden soil, 25% coconut coir, and 25% fine peat.

  • Transplanting the Germinated Seeds

Transplanting the Germinated Seeds

Growing the grape by seedlings take more time than the stems cutting, but it gives a new plant for you. Grape seedling is ready to transplant into the soil when it sprouts the roots. Dig a hole by using a finger, then put one seed in every hole. The germinated seed is easy to absorb water and nutrients in the soil but it still needs moist condition during the growing process. Keep the soil feel moist but not soggy.

  • Watering the Grape Plant

Watering the Grape Plant

Water brings life to your plant. Thus, you should manage the watering time for your new growing grape. You can water this plant once a week. Since it is a woody vine plant, it needs more water, especially during the summer and spring seasons. Water the grapevine thoroughly on the root zone, do a deep watering, and give a break for the next watering.

  • Use a Trellis or Arbor to Support Grapevine

Use a Trellis or Arbor to Support Grapevine

The mature grapevine needs support to keep them up so their fruit will not touch the ground. Swirling their vine in trellis or arbor, they will follow the sun and go up to their support. Ensure that your trellis and arbor are strong enough to support the mature grapevine with their woody stems.

  • The Best Fertilizer for Grapevine

The Best Fertilizer for Grapevine

Even though the grapevine is not a heavy feeder but it needs nutrients to grow well. Organic fertilizer helps grapevine to grow bigger in the first year after planting. Using compost or chicken manure is the safest fertilizer for any plant. The balance ratio for grape fertilizer is 10-10-10. Don’t give too much fertilizer because it stimulates their leaves and woody stems to grow faster. Mulch the soil around the grapevine to keep moist conditions and fertilizer under the mulch.

  • Pest and Disease

Pest and Disease

The common pest and diseases for grapevine are downy mildew, powdery mildew, and grey mold. The symptom causes the grape to reduce its fruit production. Fungus and bad microorganisms are the potential cause of grapevine disease. If you see the symptoms above, you can control pests and diseases by spraying an organic control such as neem oil with garlic powder. Always clean the ground, remove all fallen leaves, and give mulch every season to renew a healthy environment.

  • How to Harvest the Fruits

How to Harvest the Fruits

Grapevine is usually ready to harvest in the early fall. Observe their color, if the grape is rich in color then it is ready to harvest. You can pick some fruits and taste the flavor. If the fruit is fully flavored, then it is ready to harvest. Use a wicker basket to compile all riped grapes. Grape will last for 14 days in the fridge if you store them in a paper bag.


Thus our discussion of Easy Ways to Grow Grapevines from Seedlings and How to Care for Them. Grapefruit is delicious to put in salads and desserts. You will find a sweet and juicy taste when eating grapes. This fruit is easy to buy in the market or fruit store. If you want to grow some grape plants in your garden, start growing grapes from seedlings is a good choice. Moreover, the grapevine produces fruit every year. Even though it takes more time than growing grapes by cutting the stem, but harvest them after struggling so much is an amazing process. Happy gardening!


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