Are you too a nature lover and looking for a proven way to add greenery to your living space? Then what could be better than investing in a living wall for your next home renovation project? As it is not just an interior decor element, but it comes with a bundle of other benefits too that you will shortly learn below. But before that, let’s get to know a bit about the wall itself.

A living wall is known as a vertical garden, an eco wall, or a plant wall also. That you can easily get on both the external and internal walls by hiring a professional home renovation company in Dubai for it. Since doing it on your own without much experience might have you skip a few steps that are essential to protect the walls from the aftermath.

How Is A Living Wall Made In Home Renovation Project?

Zarqaa interior fitout is a famous home renovation company in Dubai, which states that people often confuse the living wall with a green facade. However, a living wall is made of several living plants that are tucked inside the felt pockets or inside the tubs attached vertically to the wall along with an irrigation system. Whereas in the facade, the plants are rooted into the ground to gradually climb upward the building.

Why Should You Get A Living Wall Built During Home Renovation?

1. It Cleanses The Air

Air purification is one of the best reasons to add on a living wall in the upcoming home renovation plan. As it helps to remove all the hazardous pollutants from the air caused by indoor dust, harmful building materials, and smoke to keep a healthy indoor space.

2. Cools Off The Heat

The second amazing benefit that comes with the living wall is the ability to reduce heat from the atmosphere. While we mainly rely on artificial sources to cool off the temperature, the second useful element can be a living wall too that releases moisture in the air to dampen the heat.

Besides, to get an even cooler temperature, you can plan it on the outer wall as well with your home renovation company in Dubai. As it will block and absorb most of the daytime heat that will protect the house from getting hotter.

3. Adds More Beauty In The Home Renovation Results

Though living walls are more famous for the endless benefits they offer. However, we can’t really put aside their real purpose, which is to decorate the buildings. Hence combining a living wall with other decorative elements as well in the home renovation project. Such as classy furnishings, colors, and fabrics can greatly boost your house appeal.

4. Addresses Acoustic Needs

Noise is a common issue found in most apartments and houses near the roads. To counter this you can get vertical gardens during home renovation on both sides of the wall. Along with other measures to tackle this issue really well.

The soil, the moisture, and the plants together create a barrier. That does not let the sound travel through the walls or let it amplify inside. Which makes a living wall better than any other wall that surely does not possess this many qualities.

5. Saves Up The Floor Space

Using less of the floor space is the fifth benefit of having a living wall. Since it has a vertical construction hence consumes little space while providing effects similar to a garden. Such ideas are ideals for small home renovation projects. However, in bigger houses, it could save some extra space to utilize differently.

The Bottom Line

Having read the above uses, you must have got the idea now. That is how useful and economical a living wall can be. It cleans the air, reduces daytime heat, is aesthetically pleasing, dampens noise issues, and also consumes less space. Hence all home renovation companies in Dubai totally recommend getting this wall for your houses as well.


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