a wooden kitchen and living room as a home design that best suits your lifestyle

Designing a home is such a fun process. But, of course, this is only true for those who know what they’re doing or what they want. Even though the home design might have a connotation of something fun and exciting, oftentimes, it’s not like that. People usually find themselves having a lot of ideas but don’t know what they should focus on. For instance, they might think of a combination of styles or visualize themselves in a minimalistic home full of clutter. No matter what the case is, one thing is true for everyone: finding a home design that best suits your lifestyle is a gradual process.

Therefore, take your time to think things through, talk to a professional or learn on your own how to awaken your inner interior designer.

Points to help you determine a home design that best suits your lifestyle

Your home represents an expression of yourself. Therefore, it should be the place you feel most comfortable in. There’s a lot of truth found in the expression “Home is a feeling, not a place.” We mean that one should design their home to achieve a sense of calmness and comfort that’s in line with their way of living.

So, if you enjoy chic and formal designs, you should opt for a polished living room and make it elegant and classy. Wooden pieces of furniture, refined details, and chandeliers will help you achieve that look. On the other hand, if you favor a farmhouse style, wood should prevail all over the house along with neutral tones.

So, to help you avoid the daunting process of finding the right style and making numerous mistakes along the way, read on. Here are the things that will help you determine what type of home style aligns with your life.

Home size

It all starts with choosing the right home size. Your home is supposed to meet your and your family’s needs. Therefore, it would be wise to assess how many bathrooms and bedrooms you all require. Even if you don’t have children, you should count your friends and family staying over.

a large master bedroom
Start with accessing how many bedrooms and bathrooms your dream home requires.

Afterward, it would help if you decided whether you’ll need a one or two-story house. Maybe even think about whether your family will grow and take that into account.

A floor plan that meets your needs

Your style has a lot to do with your needs and wishes. Even though it’s not obvious, this also has a lot to do with your future floor plan.

A floor plan is the base of your home, so it requires a lot of attention and thought. At this point, you should decide whether you like the traditional compartmentalized floor plan or lean towards an open one where the kitchen, dining, and living room are incorporated in one.

For instance, if you prefer the open plan, you should pay attention to the colors you choose flow throughout that open area.

Keep it functional and flowing

Apart from that, your house should fit your taste. It should also be functional enough for your daily activities. Having said that, your dream home design should also make sense.

wooden staircase and a framed picture on the wall
A home design that best suits your lifestyle should also be functional and make sense.

There are a couple of rules to follow regarding home functionality.

  • A kitchen should lead to dining, living, or entertaining areas;
  • All the bedrooms should be away from bathrooms and communal areas;
  • The living room and toilets should easily be accessible.

Consider your color preferences when choosing a home design that best suits your lifestyle

The colors you choose for your home are another matter of personal preference. Therefore, bear in mind that the color palette you choose will represent you and make you comfortable being in a space with specific colors.

For example, yellows and read are exuberant and lively colors but should be used with care. If you use them in excess, they might get overwhelming. Therefore, if these vibrant colors are “your colors,” you should choose to tone them down with some paler colors that blend nicely. Furthermore, whites are calm and elegant and can add a touch of class to any kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Is your outlook modern or traditional?

The furniture you choose depends on the outlook you want your home to have. Therefore you should decide whether the contemporary style with clear lines and minimalistic design is something you prefer. Or, is the home design that best suits your lifestyle the traditional one with paneling and ornamentation? Or perhaps, a mixture of both? The choice is up to you!

a living room with a mixture of traditional and modern design elements
If you can’t decide whether contemporary or traditional is your style, you can choose to mix both.

However, if you are renovating around this period, keep in mind that all the works you plan on doing regarding your new home’s design can be delayed due to weather conditions. For example, if you are moving furniture to your new home, make sure you are prepared in advance to deal with changes in schedule. So, to avoid unnecessary stress, it’s wise to have some extra activities on hand or just be mentally prepared for things slowing down.

Do you have children or elderly relatives over often?

Your interior design should greatly be affected by tiny humans or older adults that require special attention and care.

It would help if you watched out for sharp edges and furniture, as well as open electrical sockets that are tempting to tiny toddlers’ hands. On the other hand, if you design a children’s room, it would be an absolute delight to everyone.

Additionally, if your elderly parents stay with you, you should keep them in mind when planning the interior design that suits everyone’s lifestyle. For example, make sure you have grab bars in the toilets and non-skid flooring.

Do you own a pet?

It goes without saying that your home should be pet-friendly if you own or plan on having a pet. For example, it’s essential to choose quality upholstery to stand the claws test. Additionally, the materials around your home shouldn’t be magnetic to pet hairs, and the colors should be carefully picked out too.

If you have a pet that isn’t toilet trained, it would be best to avoid expensive rugs and carpets for now. Another good idea is to have a dedicated play area to minimize potential accidents.

Final thoughts

You will definitely have a lot of your own ideas that you should factor in when choosing a home design that best suits your lifestyle. With that said, we hope our article got you thinking of all the factors you need to take into account whether that’s for a bathroom design or any other room in the house.

So remember, your home design should represent you while being functional. Of course, if you easily get overwhelmed with this information or you don’t have the time to properly dedicate yourself to this task, it’s always best to find a professional who will make your home-related dreams come true.


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