– Sempervivum or Hens and Chicken is an interesting succulent. It has rosette-shaped leaves. This succulent has fleshy leaves and thorny edges. Also, some species are feathery and have a rough texture. It looks stunning to complete your garden plants. Here, we have a Sempervivum variety to decorate your garden. Let’s check 17 Sempervivum Variety Ideas : Beautiful Rosette Succulent Garden!

  1. Sempervivum ‘Killer’

Sempervivum ‘Killer’ is an olive-green succulent. It offers beautiful rosette leaves. This plant has deep red color in the midpart. Meanwhile, the lower part is light green. You can grow them individually or in groups.

Sempervivum 'Killer'

Moreover, Sempervivum ‘Killer’ is easy to care for. It loves a warm place and grows better in the spring to summer seasons. Besides, this succulent is a frost-hardy plant. It grows well through winter. It even tolerates the heavy snow.

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  1. Sempervivum ciliosum

Sempervivum ciliosum or Teneriffe Houseleek is a cute succulent. It looks stunning to grow in a container. This succulent creates a small rosette shape. Look at their appearance. It offers fleshy, light green, and pointed leaves. Every leaf is white and hairy.

Sempervivum ciliosum

Besides, Sempervivum ciliosum will grow up to 10 cm tall. Also, it can spread up to 50 cm wide. Thus, you need to plant them in a large place. The mature Sempervivum ciliosum will produce green-yellow flowers in the summer season. Their flowers are stunning and grow up to 10 cm long.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Terracotta Baby’

Sempervivum ‘Terracotta Baby’ is a sun lover. It prefers well-draining soil and a warm temperature. Sempervivum ‘Terracotta Baby’ will grow better in good drainage. Besides, you can grow them in a container or directly on the garden soil. Ensure that it gets a sunny place to grow upright.

Sempervivum 'Terracotta Baby'

Furthermore, Sempervivum ‘Terracotta Baby’ is not a heavy feeder. So, you don’t have to fertilize this plant regularly. Besides, you can repot this plant every year, then improve the soil nutrients. It loves compost and slow-release fertilizer. Also, you can water them regularly to maintain humidity in the soil.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Glowing Embers’

Sempervivum ‘Glowing Embers’ is an interesting succulent. This eye-catching plant will create a stunning accent in your garden. Sempervivum ‘Glowing Embers’ has compact leaves with green-bronze shades. It offers dark red tips. This succulent can bring a striking accent to your garden.

Sempervivum 'Glowing Embers'

Sempervivum ‘Glowing Embers’ has large rosette shape leaves. It can grow up to 17,5 cm in diameter. Moreover, this succulent has an interesting life cycle. The leaves are green in the spring season. Then, it turns glowing orange tips in the summer season. After that, their leaves are bronze in the winter season.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Eddy’

Sempervivum ‘Eddy’ is a colorful succulent. It has some colors such as pink, bronze, and green leaves. This plant is superb when growing in a pot. Like most succulents, it loves well-draining soil. Good drainage will keep their roots healthy.

Sempervivum 'Eddy'

Besides, Sempervivum ‘Eddy’ can grow in rocky soil. It loves the full sun to grow mature. The adult plant will develop a hue of green in a mid rosette and deep red leaves. It is fine to water them once per week. This sempervivum veriety can tolerate minimum water, so you can mist the topsoil.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Corsair’

Sempervivum ‘Corsair’ is a small succulent. It has a mound-forming. So, it can be your choice to add a variation to your garden. Moreover, this succulent has prickly rosette leaves. The young leaves are green, then they turn into deep pink-red colors during the growing season.

Sempervivum 'Corsair'

Sempervivum ‘Corsair’ is a low-maintenance plant. It loves full sun, so this plant is better to grow outdoors under direct sun. Even though they love the sun, it tolerates frost hardy. They will survive in the winter season or cold climate. Ensure they get well-draining soil, so their root won’t rot.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Rita Jane’

Sempervivum ‘Rita Jane’ has gray-green leaves. The rosette leaves will turn dark purple when growing mature. This succulent will grow best in the spring and summer seasons. Yes, this plant is a sun lover. Thus, it is important to put them under full sun.

Sempervivum 'Rita Jane'

Moreover, Sempervivum ‘Rita Jane’ can live in almost all soil types. It is fine to plant them in dry and well-draining soil. Also, loamy and sandy soil is good for their growth. Besides, this plant is cold-hardy. It thrives happily in the winter season. For the note, don’t let them stand in wet soil, because it may cause rotting roots.

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  1. Sempervivum heuffelii ‘Purple Haze’

Sempervivum heuffelii ‘Purple Haze’ has a significant color. Like the name, it has purple haze leaves. The grey-green leaves are catchy with a purple hue and pointed tips. So, this rosette plant is interesting to grow in a pot. It looks interesting to grow in a group.

Sempervivum heuffelii 'Purple Haze'

Like most Sempervivum species, it loves sunny places with good drainage. It requires adequate water during the spring to the summer season. If you grow them outdoors, ensure to protect them from heavy rains. The wet soil may cause rotting roots and stems. Besides, this plant is hardy and tolerates cold climates.

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  1. Sempervivum calcareum ‘Greenii’

Sempervivum calcareum ‘Greenii’ is a dense rosette plant. It has a mat-forming. This succulent has fleshy and pointed leaves. The tips of the leaves are gray-green and blue-gray. Also, it gets deep red to red maroon tips. So, This sempervivum variety becomes one of the striking plants.

Sempervivum calcareum 'Greenii'

Furthermore, Sempervivum calcareum ‘Greenii’ is drought tolerant. It thrives well on any soil. They will be fine as long as it gets well-draining soil. Sempervivum calcareum ‘Greenii’ can grow up to 15 cm tall and 30 cm spread in diameter. In a warm season, it can bloom flowers that arise from the center of rosette leaves. The pinkish and star-shaped flowers will make them more beautiful.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Jade Rose’

Sempervivum ‘Jade Rose’ is one of the stunning hen and chick plants. It offers compact rosette flowers. Their leaves are emerald-green and red colors. Also, it has a hairy line on every leaf. The white cilia on their edges will add a stunning appearance.

Sempervivum 'Jade Rose'

Besides, Sempervivum ‘Jade Rose’ can spread up to 12,5 cm in diameter. It produces a beautiful dense colony in their living habit. Thus, you can grow it in a pot and create an attractive houseplant. Also, Sempervivum ‘Jade Rose’ loves full sun to maintain the fleshy leaves. Ensure they live in well-draining soil.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Fashion Diva’

Sempervivum ‘Fashion Diva’ or Strawberry Kiwi is a reddish succulent. It offers a beautiful appearance. It showcases bright red rosettes and auburn green-yellow leaves. This succulent can turn a different color in the summer season. You can grow them in a group or individually.

Sempervivum 'Fashion Diva'

Besides, Sempervivum ‘Fashion Diva’ can survive under direct sun. This rosette succulent will grow up to 10 cm in diameter. It grows faster in a warm seasons like spring and summer season. Meanwhile, they grow to deepen to dusty mauve color in the winter season. You will love this plant to live in your garden.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Windstille’

Sempervivum ‘Windstille’ is a colorful plant. Their rosette leaves are bright green in the winter season. Then, it turns light orange in the spring season. In the summer season, the leaves will develop orange tips. This plant is one of the most stunning plants to grow in the garden.

Sempervivum 'Windstille'

Furthermore, Sempervivum ‘Windstille’ will bloom flowers in the summer season. The leaves turn red during the blooming time. Sempervivum ‘Windstille’ has star-shaped flowers, like most Sempervivum plants. The pink flowers emerge from the mid of the foliage. Besides, the individual plant will spread up to 5 cm in diameter.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Raspberry Ice’

Sempervivum ‘Raspberry Ice’ is a dense succulent with colorful leaves. It has symmetrical leaves with pointy tips. Like most Sempervivum, they have hairy silver leaves as well. The leaves are light green in the spring season. Then, they turn into burgundy and violet colors along the seasons.

Sempervivum 'Raspberry Ice'

Besides, Sempervivum ‘Raspberry Ice’ is easy to care for. They love full sun to partial shade. It withstands extreme cold. During the cool season, you need to protect the plant from soggy soil. Keep them dry and don’t stand in water. You will see their beautiful pink flowers in the spring to the summer season if it gets through the winter season.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Magnificum’

Sempervivum ‘Magnificum’ is an evergreen succulent. It has compact rosette leaves, like some Sempervivum species. Sempervivum ‘Magnificum’ has deep purple leaves. It spreads large and creates a mini Sempervivum garden. The color will grow deeper from the center.

Sempervivum 'Magnificum'

Meanwhile, Sempervivum ‘Magnificum’ will bloom flowers in the mid-summer season after years of planting. The pink star flowers are catchy to beautify rosette foliage. Other species have yellow, white, and red flowers. Sempervivum ‘Magnificum’ loves full sun and succulent soil, like a rocky or sandy garden.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Purple Dazzler’

Sempervivum ‘Purple Dazzler’ is an attractive succulent. It has light green and dark purple leaves. This succulent can grow as a houseplant or a ground cover. They can spread quickly in a sunny place with adequate water. Also, they tolerate dry climates and minimum water.

Sempervivum 'Purple Dazzler'

Besides, Sempervivum ‘Purple Dazzler’ is easy to grow. It loves well-draining soil. The full sun area is their favorite living habit. Also, This sempervivum variety is a free fertilizer plant. It can grow well with minimum soil nutrients. The well-draining soil and enough water are the keys to growing them.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Pippin’

Sempervivum ‘Pippin’ is a stunning succulent. This succulent has beautiful rosette deep green leaves. Every leaf has a purple tip. Their fleshy leaves will grow deeper under the full sun. So, ensure they get exposure to sunlight to maintain their growth.

Sempervivum 'Pippin'

Moreover, Sempervivum ‘Pippin’ requires well-draining soil, such as succulent soil. Also, you can add slow-release fertilizer to create loose soil. Besides, This sempervivum variety will grow faster if you repot it every year, then add compost to the soil. Then, water it when the topsoil is fully dry.

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  1. Sempervivum ‘Hairy Balls’

Sempervivum ‘Hairy Balls’ will add a succulent accent to your garden. This rosette plant has fleshy furry leaves. It looks like a small green ball. This plant is different from common succulents. It requires moist soil but not too wet. Thus, you need to check topsoil and ensure it requires water.

Sempervivum 'Hairy Balls'

Also, Sempervivum ‘Hairy Balls’ needs less water in the winter season. It tolerates the cold season, but you need to protect your roots from rotting. Besides, this succulent will extend up to 2 inches in diameter. It creates a stunning colony in pot or garden soil.

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Thus are the 17 Sempervivum Variety Ideas : Beautiful Rosette Succulent Garden. This succulent is identical to rosette leaves. Some species are stunning with their colorful leaves. It looks interesting to grow them in a pot or directly in garden soil. Most of them require full sun and well-draining soil. Hopefully, this article can guide you to find the best Sempervivum variety to grow in your area. Good luck and happy decorating!


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