– A garden is a fresh place to improve the shady impression. Some people decorate their gardens to create interesting designs. Also, the garden can bring a healthy environment around the house. Moreover, you can plant some trees to create a shady place. Here, we have ideas for garden ornaments. You can choose and combine various garden ornaments which we will discuss below. Apart from that, you can also use decorations, ornaments, furniture, and other things that you want. For that, let’s discuss 18 Garden Ornament Ideas: Decorate Your Exterior Aesthetically!

  1. Garden Chair

Some houses have a garden in their yard. The common garden has a fresh design with plants. Thus, you can add a garden chair to enjoy the fresh atmosphere while sitting in the morning and evening. Take a garden chair in the garden. Look at this idea.

Garden Chair

There is a garden lamp. So, you can enjoy the night atmosphere in the garden. Moreover, this garden is stunning to have some plants on the wall shelf. There are ferns, alocasia, and other green plants. It brings a natural impression to the garden.

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  1. An Interesting Plant Shelf

A garden design determines the impression of your home. If you want to create a unique design, take an interesting plant shelf in your garden. For example, use a small bicycle to load your ornamental plants. It emerges a unique design to add a breath of fresh accent. Then, add other decorations on the bicycle to complete the design.

An Interesting Plant Shelf

Besides, this plant shelf is movable. You can put it in any corner. Also, it looks more interesting to paint the bicycle or modify the design. For example, add a decorative stone to add a taste of the outdoors. Moreover, choose the best plant that fits the bicycle size.

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  1. Cute Animal Statue

The garden ornament is various. Some people take the most attractive item to beautify the garden. The animal statue is one of the interesting garden ornaments. It is a cute rabbit couple with a small umbrella. You can put this statue on the stone or lawn.

Cute Animal Statue

Moreover, paint the rabbit statues with a neutral color. Even, you can paint it like a real rabbit. There are white, brown, and black colors to enliven the rabbit statue more real. Meanwhile, the garden landscape is important to support the garden statues. Thus, you need to maintain the garden lawn and plants.

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  1. Garden Fountain

The home exterior is the first decoration that people will see. Thus, it is important to create an interesting décor for a garden. For that, you can install garden ornaments. One of the famous ornaments is a garden fountain. It is a water-flow ornament with a decorative shape.

Garden Fountain

There are garden fountain designs. You can take the most attractive fountain to beautify your garden. Maybe the tiered fountain will fit your garden design. Then, add white pebbles around the garden fountain. Also, install the stones to create a mini garden that circles the fountain.

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  1. Decorative Planter

An interesting garden has some decorative accents. There is an attractive planter in the garden. It is made of a wooden planter. The giant oval shape will catch the attention of the garden. Moreover, it has four giant oval accents.

Decorative Planter

This giant planter has a square container to plant the houseplant. Therefore, take the most attractive plant for styling this planter. Besides, you can put other plants near the giant planter. Meanwhile, the garden landscape is interesting to add fresh decor. Thus, this wooden planter is stunning to be the focal point in your garden.

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  1. Cozy Hammock

A green garden will bring a shady impression. It needs more green trees to create a shadowy place. Moreover, you can add a cozy hammock in the garden. It is an optional item. So, you can remove it whenever you want to.

Cozy Hammock

The cozy hammock will be a comfortable place to take a rest during the day. Also, you can add pillows and a thin blanket to the hammock. This idea is stunning for the green garden with woody trees. Also, it is more interesting to grow the lawn in the garden. So, you will feel a natural impression more real.

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  1. Garden Swing

A certain garden has a big tree. It is a functional tree for garden design and a shady place. If you have a big tree in the garden, you can use the branch as a swing. First, take a good and strong branch. Then, take the rope and create a swing.

Garden Swing

The swing is practical with a seat. It is made of wood. Moreover, the swing in this idea has a comfy backrest. This design is suitable for a green garden. You can adapt this idea to create a comfy swing and enjoy the fresh atmosphere.

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  1. Water Drop for the Garden Light

Enjoying the time in a garden is soothing the mind. It is calmer to sit in the garden at night. Thus, you will need a garden light. Here, we have an idea for a water drop garden light. This is stunning lighting with a sparkling impression.

Water Drop for the Garden Light

The water drop has a unique design. Also, you can install this lighting to support the main light in the garden. It is a nice decorative support. Moreover, this garden light is versatile. You can move it into another area to beautify the garden design.

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  1. Wallshelf for Houseplants

The houseplant is a must-have item in the garden. You will need some plants to create a natural impression. Thus, take this wall shelf to load your plants. It is a practical item for styling your garden. This wall shelf has three shelves from wooden planks.

Wallshelf for Houseplants

Besides, this garden ornament is more stunning with terracotta pots. Then, grow different plants for every pot. There are herbs, vegetables, and sprouts. These pots provide kitchen plants, so they can save you money. In addition, install a string light with bulbs to brighten the garden at night.

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  1. Standing Bird Bath

The bird bath is an interesting garden ornament. This garden ornament provides fresh water for a bird. Some bird baths are small. Also, it has curvy lines and a patterned accent. This standing birdbath is made of steel.

Standing Bird Bath

Thus, it has the natural color of steel. Also, the bird bath is easy to move into your garden. Then, grow some flowers near the bird bath. It will sweeten the bird bath décor. In addition, put the bird bath on the concrete tile or plant it in the ground.

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  1. Garden Spheres

The sculpture and sphere are decorative ornaments. It is a geometrical accent to decorate a garden. Maybe you can use the garden sphere to add a unique accent to the garden. Also, the garden sphere has various types and shapes.

Garden Spheres

Some people use the garden sphere for styling the lighting. Thus, it will create a glossy accent in your garden at night. Moreover, the garden sphere is eccentric with cheerful colors. You can paint the garden sphere with a neutral color. Also, this sphere object has various designs that will fit your garden décor.

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  1. Hanging Basket for Plants

The ornamental plant is a must-have item in the garden. An interesting plant can transform the impression in your garden. Also, you can use a hanging planter to grow beautiful flowers. There are colorful flowers to grow in the same pot. Before that, ensure that you find the best medium for the plants.

Hanging Basket for Plants

If you want to grow an Orchid, you can use peat moss and coco peat. Otherwise, you need potting soil and a pot if you want to grow Ivy plants. Every plant had different needs. Also, every plant has a unique appearance. For example, the hanging planter is suitable for the vine plant. There are Ivy plants, Pothos, and Scindapsus that will fit the hanging planter.

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  1. Decorative House Bird

The garden ornaments are unaccountable. You will find many types of garden ornament. Maybe the house bird is one of the garden ornaments that you will love. It is a small house with tiny windows and doors. This garden ornament is located on the high pole.

Decorative House Bird

Some houses are made of wood. Also, it has a traditional ceiling with a chimney. This house bird is stunning to decorate your garden, even though you have no birds. Moreover, this house bird is more interesting with floral accents. Therefore, you need to grow vining flowers to add a natural accent to the house bird.

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  1. Garden Bloom with Creative Pots

The garden design is identical to the flowers and ornamental plants. Look at this idea. There are a bunch of flowers in this idea. The colorful roses bloom in the same area. Thus, it will bring a natural scent to the garden.

Garden Bloom with Creative Pots

It is a common design of the floral garden. Moreover, this rose garden uses creative pots. There are pots from the old sprinklers. Also, this garden offers a green accent from the other plants. There are perennial green plants and grasses.

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  1. DIY Tiered Fountain with Lights

The tiered fountain is a popular design of a garden fountain. You will find this garden ornament in most house gardens. Besides, this fountain has a different design. There are string lights on every tier. It is sparkling blue lights and a purplish-white effect.

DIY Tiered Fountain with Lights

Moreover, this tiered fountain has an interesting object on the top. You can replace it with your favorite item. Furthermore, there are ornamental plants on every tier. You will see the various succulents on the tier. Then, manage the succulents with string lights to complete the ornamental plants.

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  1. Garden Bench

The outdoor garden needs a functional ornament like the wood bench. It is a simple accent that you can put in the garden. The wooden bench has a long shape and low feet. Also, it has a long backrest and two arms. This bench is suitable for the front yard or backyard.

Garden Bench

Furthermore, add some pillows on the bench. Thus, you can use the bench to take a nap. Besides, this wood bench is functional to be your relaxing place. Thus, you can enjoy the time at night on the bench. Moreover, put some ornamental plants near the bench to enliven the natural impression.

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  1. Garden Gate

A wide garden is stunning to get any decoration. Even, you can build a beautiful landscape with flowers and a sitting area. If you have a wide area, you can build an outdoor living room. It will be your beautiful garden with a natural atmosphere. The important thing to put in this area is the living room furniture.

Garden Gate

Then, create the garden area with a garden gate. The gate will mark the living room. It brings a traditional nuance with vining plants circling on the gate. Moreover, you can design the pathway with pebbles or stone tiles. This design is more stunning with a big tree. It will create a shady atmosphere in the garden.

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  1. Statue Sculpture

The traditional Chinese statue is an additional ornament. It is an interesting optional item for your garden ornament. Besides, you can replace it with a Japanese pagoda. It is a standing statue with some tiers. This item will enliven the traditional impression in your garden.

Statue Sculpture

The statue sculpture is suitable to put near the entryway in the garden. You can put a pair of pagodas as a traditional gate. Moreover, some pagodas are stunning with lighting on the ground. Thus, it is interesting to install a garden light near the pagoda. Also, put some decorative plants to complete the garden.

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Thus our discussion of 18 Garden Ornament Ideas: Decorate Your Exterior Aesthetically. The statue sculpture is the last idea in this article. Many garden ornaments that you can incorporate into your garden. If you want to create a modern impression, then take a garden sphere and garden bird bath. Meanwhile, you can use the pagoda and sprinkler pots to bring out the traditional impression. Hopefully, this article will guide you to find the best garden ornaments to beautify your home exterior. Happy decorating!


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