– The tropical plant has myriad types. These plants live in a warm place and well-draining soil. Otherwise, it is hard to live on a frost day in a subtropical climate. Besides, some tropical plants are interesting to grow indoors. Thus, you can make a tropical environment for these plants. Let’s start with the red tropical plants. Here, we’re gonna show 16 Red Tropical Plant Ideas to Add Striking Accent in Your House!

  1. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are interesting plants. It is known as Bromeliaceae. Bromeliads are easy-growing plants for a beginner. Thus, you can put this tropical plant on your list. It offers a striking red flower in the mid of the plant.


Besides, Bromeliads is a low-maintenance plant. It will adapt to grow indoors or outdoors. Bromeliads can live well in minimum care. They require basic needs, such as adequate water and rich soil. Bromeliads can stand in soggy soil and extreme cold. So, it is better to move Bromeliads into a pot, than put them indoors in a cold climate.

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  1. Red Leaf Heliconia

Red Leaf Heliconia has a botanical name, Heliconia indica ‘Rubra’. This red plant is known as Stripe Blood Banana. It is a beautiful upright plant. Red Leaf Heliconia has long leaves. Their neon-red stems have red veins.

Red Leaf Heliconia

Moreover, this tropical plant needs consistently moist and well-draining soil. Thus, you can mist the topsoil when it looks dry. Besides, Red Leaf Heliconia loves full sun to partial shade. It will stand strong, except the high wind can damage its upright growth.

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  1. Caribbean Copper Plant

Caribbean Copper Plant is also known as Euphorbia cotinifolia. This tropical plant is popular as Red Spurge. It will make a stunning house plant for you. This red tropical plant is easy to grow in a container. They adapt to indoor and outdoor environments.

Caribbean Copper Plant

Caribbean Copper Plant requires well-draining soil and good drainage. It will grow better in a sunny place. Also, it can’t stand in soggy soil. Thus, ensure this plant doesn’t live in constant moisture. You can take them indoors in cold climates.

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  1. Copperleaf Plant

Copperleaf Plant or Acalypha wilkesiana has striking red foliage. Like most tropical plants, it loves full sun. Besides, Copperleaf Plant can tolerate partial shade as well. This reddish plant will add a striking accent to your house. It looks interesting to grow in a container.

Copperleaf Plant

Also, Copperleaf Plant has various foliage, such as salmon, copper, scarlet, and red. Moreover, it is a low-maintenance plant. You can grow them normally in a warm place. This tropical plant requires moist and well-draining soil. Thus, you can water them regularly. It will keep the humidity in the soil stable.

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  1. Croton

Croton is an easy-growing plant. It is a nice choice for a beginner. This tropical plant has reddish foliage. Some leaves are yellow and green. It looks stunning to decorate your house. Their red foliage will add a new view to the garden.


Croton can tolerate partial shade, but it prefers full sun. Ensure that it gets 3-4 hours of sun. Adequate nutrition will keep their foliages pop up colors. In addition, Croton needs enough water to keep moist soil. Besides, it can die slowly if standing in soggy soil.

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  1. Joseph’s Coat

Joseph’s Coat has a botanical name Alternanthera. This tropical plant has vibrant ruby-red foliage. They will add a colorful accent to your garden. Besides, some people like to grow them in a container. Despite this, you can plant them directly in garden soil.

Joseph's Coat

Joseph’s Coat is a low-maintenance plant. It requires adequate water and humid soil. Thus, you can mist the topsoil every time it gets dry. For the best growing time, you can pour light fertilizer three times before the summer season. Then, water it regularly to tie the fertilizer in the soil.

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  1. Bloodleaf Iresine

Bloodleaf Iresine or Beefsteak Plant is a reddish plant. It offers red-purplish foliages. Bloodleaf Iresine will grow like a bush. Some people use this plant as a border in their garden. Besides, this plant is stunning to plant in a container as well. You can grow them indoors or outdoors.

Bloodleaf Iresine

Moreover, Bloodleaf Iresine is easy to care for. They need adequate water every week. You can the humidity by pushing your finger in the soil. Then, water them thoroughly and let the topsoil dry completely before the next watering. In addition, use potting soil to provide a healthy environment for them.

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  1. Poinsettia

Poinsettia is also known as Euphorbia pulcherrima. This red tropical plant will decorate your garden beautifully. It offers red-colored petals. Poinsettia is easy to grow for a beginner. They can grow within a single stem in moist soil.


Besides, Poinsettia is easy to care for. First, provide rich soil with potting mix or chicken manure. Then, ensure it gets well-draining soil. For this, you can use a container or plant them directly in the garden. After that, water them regularly and give them full sun for at least 3-4 hours per day.

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  1. Coleus

Coleus is a fascinating tropical plant. It offers beautiful red foliage. Some Coleus variety has solid red colors. Also, there are other varieties with bright colors. You can choose the right color to decorate your garden.


Moreover, Coleus is not difficult to care for. You can use potting mix to grow them in a pot. Besides, you can add soil nutrients or chicken manure, if you grow them in the garden. Like a most tropical plants, Coleus loves full sun to partial shade. Also, they want humid soil and enough water.

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  1. Cordyline

Cordyline has beautiful bold foliages. They offer myriad varieties and colors. Thus, it has many options to get another color in your garden. Besides, it can’t live in extreme frost or cold areas. Cordyline requires winter protection to keep its stem from rotting.


Moreover, it requires minimal water once it is planted. It also prefers full sun. For a fast-growing plant, you can add fertilizer to the soil. It will stimulate Cordyline to grow mature. Also, ensure that you check the topsoil every week and water it, so it won’t be underwatered.

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  1. Ethiopian Banana

The Ethiopian Banana or Ensete ventricosum is an ornamental tropical plant. It will beautify your garden and add a tropical accent. Ethiopian Banana is suitable with a large yard, so they can spread their stems and leaves.

Ethiopian Banana

Ethiopian Banana won’t bother other plants, but it needs more water and rich soil to grow better. It is important to water them at least twice per week. Ensure that you water them thoroughly, so they can stay in humid soil for days. Moreover, it is much better to plant them under full sun. It can help Ethiopian bananas to develop their burgundy red foliage.

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  1. Madagascar Dragon Tree

Madagascar Dragon Tree has botanical name, Dracaena marginata ‘Tricolor’. This plant has green sword-like leaves. Every leaf has red stripes on the edge. It looks stunning to decorate the green shade leaves. Also, it is drought tolerant.

Madagascar Dragon Tree

Madagascar Dragon Tree needs water every 2-4 weeks. Ensure you water them thoroughly to keep humidity in the soil. Also, plant them under full sun to partial shade. It can stimulate their growth to keep their red leaves. Despite this, don’t let them stay too long under the full sun.

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  1. Hibiscus acetosella

Cranberry Hibiscus or Hibiscus acetosella is another tropical plant with red color. It has green foliage with dark red colors beneath the leaves. You can see their red colors when the wind blows their leaves. Moreover, Cranberry Hibiscus can be your bush plant. It will grow high up to 10 meters.

Hibiscus acetosella

Moreover,Cranberry Hibiscus offers beautiful flowers. It has pink flowers that bloom in the summer season. Like a tropical tree, it creates a shady place. So, it is suitable for an outdoor place. For example, you can grow Cranberry Hibiscus in your front yard.

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  1. Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant or Hypoestes phyllostachya is a beautiful tropical plant. It has red-maroon leaves. Polka Dot Plant can be your ornamental plant indoors or outdoors. They offer a stunning appearance and bold color of leaves. Polka Dot Plant is interesting to grow in a pot.

Polka Dot Plant

Then, you can move Polka Dot Plant into any spot that suits their need. It requires a sunny place with partial shade. The constant exposure to sunlight will damage their foliages. Besides, they need regular watering, so they will stay hydrated. Ensure that Polka Dot Plant doesn’t live in wet soil.

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  1. Red Latan Palm

Red Latan Palm is also known as Latania lontaroides. It is a red tropical plant for home decor. You can plant it in a container. Also, you can let them grow in a garden because they will grow taller like other palm trees. Maybe, it will suit your front yard as a border plant.

Red Latan Palm

Moreover, they will bloom yellow flowers, if you treat them well. It loves full sun to partial shade. Also, they tolerate clay, loam, and sandy soil. The most important is always to water them thoroughly. The mature plant can reach 25 feet tall.

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  1. Red Hook Sedge

Red Hook Sedge or Uncinia rubra is a striking red plant. It is an ornamental grass. You can grow them as a ground cover. Red Hook Sedge offers a punchy red appearance. They will improve the decoration in your garden.

Red Hook Sedge

Besides, it is an easy-growing plant. Red Hook Sedge is not a heavy feeder, so it is fine to fertilize once per month. Otherwise, it prefers more water during the hot season. Their roots will grow healthy in well-draining soil. Adequate water can maintain the humidity in the soil.

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These are 16 Red Tropical Plant Ideas to Add Striking Accent in Your House. The tropical plant loves bright sunlight, thus growing them outdoors is a nice choice. Besides, some tropical plants will die in extreme cold. Thus, you can grow them in a container as a choice. This red tropical plant will add a striking accent to your area. Hopefully, this article will help you to find the best reddish plant. Happy gardening!


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