– The bedroom is a private place for most people in the world. It is a place when someone wants to make quality time with themselves. In a room, the owner can take a rest on the bed with music played, write a diary, dressed up, or sleep tight at night. A room also can be a place to create inspiration and reflection of the owner. To create a cozy bedroom, several things, and designs considered to build an atmosphere in a room with regards to a particular theme.

Creative Bedroom Designs For Your Kids

In this article, we will discuss some creative ways you can do to make your kid’s bedroom look more beautiful and stunning. Kids’ room is one of the places that influence kids’ feelings and thought. By staying at the bedroom where kids feel safe and comfortable with the nuance of things they like makes kids develop their self better and get off from boredom. The themes below can be a suggestion for you to make up your kid’s room.

Superhero Bedroom


Kids’ room with a superhero theme is a common theme people use in their kids’ rooms. This theme is popular because the property of superheroes is easy to be found. Superhero themes such as Captain America, Captain Marvel, Batman, Spiderman, Hulk, Iron man, etc is attractive for kids. Using these superhero properties creates a strong and brave atmosphere like the hero they idolized. Dolls and pillows with superhero symbols are attractive and colorful.

superhero bedroom

Use the coverlet with the color of the superhero’s costume and it will bring kids closer to the impression of being the hero. Add some pictures of the superhero in one side of the wall. The existence of the pictures will expand the imagination before kids go to sleep and bring them into the superhero’s world.

Astronomy Bedroom

astronomy bedroom

The astronomic theme is the second theme to discuss. For kids who like an astronomic adventure, this theme can be a recommendation to create a new astronomic adventure at home. An astronomic theme makes the kids’ experience about space is deeper by the nuance of being in space sky. The navy blue color can be applied in the wall to build a dark atmosphere with some stickers like a star to create a starry sky.

astronomy bedroom

Besides the navy color, the brighter blue can be applied around the navy color to make the dark sky more alive. To strengthen the impression of being in a space, hang some mini planets of the solars system. For a better experience, the lighting in this bedroom is dim. Other things such as bedroom, dolls, carpet, and cupboard are using the same color to make a softer atmosphere.

Football Bedroom

football bedroom

This theme can be applied for kids either adults’ bedroom. For the kids’ bedroom, the football theme is the sports theme we will discuss. Apply a white color or grey color as the base color of the wall. You can add some football symbols in the picture, then hang them on the wall. To make the bed more attractive, use a coverlet and pillow with the opposite color in a soft tone. Or, apply the coverlet with the color of your kids’ favorite football team.

football bedroom

If you choose white color for the wall, you can use black or grey color for the properties which put near the wall. Relate to the football, you can display some pictures of your kids’ favorite football team besides the bed.

Rainbow Bedroom

rainbow bedroom

A bedroom with a colorful theme is attractive for kids. These colors bring a bang slap in kids’ eyes. On the wall, you can paint it using white color as the base. It is like a canvas where you can draw anything according to the kids’ theme. Rainbow theme is a colorful theme to apply in your kids’ bedroom. To paint a rainbow on a wall, you can add some color to the main wall near the bed. Add a little space between two colors to make the painting process easier. The white color as the background of the rainbow is enough to make it alive.

rainbow bedroom

Charming and happy atmosphere come from the rainbow which combined with cute and beautiful dolls or other colorful properties such as flowery coverlet, pillow, and curtains. For the carpet, you do not need a colorful one. Just add a carpet with calm color like grey, brown, or pink to avoid a narrow view of the bedroom. The colorful bedroom is ready to kid.

Flowery Bedroom

flowery bedroom

A flowery theme is one of the favorite themes that apply in the kids’ bedroom. It is usually applied in a girl’s bedroom. The use of rattan as the property is unique, especially for the kids’ bedroom. This material brings a nuance of calm and charming. Beside rattan is classic material on earth, it gives a luxurious impression. To make kids’ bedrooms feel comfortable, you can design the wallpaper with colorful pictures such as more than one kind of flowers in a different color.

Use the light orange or yellow-brown for the wallpaper which suitable for rattan natural color. Put other properties such as a rattan cupboard or toy box near the rattan bed to feel closer to nature. Do not put a big property to give space for kids to play in their cozy bedroom. Bedroom style like this is suitable for you to use also in the interior style of a shabby chic bedroom.

Thus our discussion about Creative Bedroom Designs For Your Kids. By using the right design and in accordance with the character of your kid, then you can make their bedroom look beautiful and stunning. Design your kids’ room to make your kids comfortable in their bedroom. Make them feel happy and support their development by giving them an inspirative environment. Let them free to play and explore their imagination. May this article can be a good recommendation for your design.


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