– Ornamental plants are something that you can use to create natural accents and decorations in your home. You can use various types of ornamental plants that suit your expression and character in decorating. By using the right type and size of ornamental plants, you can create the natural decoration concept you want in your home. One of the ornamental plants that you can use as your home decoration is sansevieria. This house plant is a unique and aesthetic ornamental plant. This is because of its elongated shape with unique patterns and colors in a dark style. To make this house plant stay healthy and fresh, you need to take good care of this sansevieria plant. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss Easy Ways to Care for Sansevieria: Create Beautiful and Fresh House Plants. Let’s discuss!

Benefits of Growing Sansevieria Plants

Before we discuss the various easy ways you can take care of sansevieria plants, you need to know what benefits this house plant provides. Therefore, in the following, we will discuss the various decorative to functional benefits of sansevieria plants for you and your home.

  • Aesthetic Decoration for Any Part of the Home

Sansevieria plants are a natural decoration that is very flexible for you to use in a variety of interiors and exteriors of your home. You can also choose various types and sizes of sansevieria according to your expression and character in gardening and decorating. This makes this house plant suitable for decorating any part of your home.

  • Absorb Air Pollution

The next advantage that you can get from using sansevieria plants is their ability to absorb air pollution. Air pollution is something that can interfere with your comfort in your activities at home. Even air pollution can also interfere with your respiratory health. Therefore, this ornamental plant can be a good air filter in your home.

  • Neutralizes Unpleasant Odors

In addition to absorbing air pollution, sansevieria plants can also give you another advantage in the form of absorbing unpleasant odors. This is very important for those of you who want an atmosphere with a fresh aroma. Therefore, you can place these ornamental plants for parts of the house that tend to have a variety of aromas. For example, you can use this ornamental plant to decorate your kitchen, bathroom, or terrace.

  • Reduce Radiation

Electronic goods in your home such as TVs, laptops, computers, and so on emit a variety of electronic waves that may interfere with your comfort. You may be uncomfortable watching your TV or staring at your computer screen for too long. Therefore, the Sansevieria plant is present to absorb and reduce various electromagnetic and electronic radiations around it. This will make you more comfortable and your eye health will also be better.

  • Has a High Ability to Absorb Pollutants

Pollutants and air pollution are things that can interfere with your respiratory health. As we discussed earlier, the Sansevieria plant can absorb air pollution around you. However, not all types of ornamental plants are blessed with the ability to absorb pollution in high intensity. Even the sansevieria plant can handle more than a hundred types of pollutants, especially cigarette smoke and vehicle fumes.

Easy Ways to Care for Sansevieria Plants

The next topic that we cover in this article is the main topic for caring for your sansevieria plants with ease. By caring for these ornamental plants, you can create a fresh and beautiful natural decoration and accent in your home. In addition, the treatment that we will discuss is also fairly easy for you to do. This will make your gardening activities more enjoyable, especially if you use the right gardening tools. Therefore, here are Easy Ways to Care for Sansevieria Plants. Let’s discuss!

  • Sufficient Sunlight

Sansevieria plants are one of the many types of ornamental plants that can live indoors. However, like other plants, sansevieria need sunlight to stay healthy and fresh. Therefore, the first treatment you can do for your sansevieria plants is to provide sufficient sunlight. You can determine the placement of these ornamental plants ideally to get sunlight.

Sufficient Sunlight

For example, you can place this ornamental plant on your windowsill, your balcony, the area near the window, or the door area of your house. However, you also need to pay attention to the placement of these house plants so they don’t get too much sunlight. Excessive sunlight will make sansevieria plants dry and die. If you plant this ornamental plant outdoor, make sure you also plant it in a shady area.

  • Regular Watering

An essential but easy ornamental plant care for you to do is to water it regularly. Ornamental plants, especially sansevieria need water to survive. However, what makes this ornamental plant special is that it can store water reserves. Watering too much of this house plant can make it easy to wilt and easily rot. Therefore, to care for sansevieria plants, you do not need to water them every day.

Regular Watering

Water regularly with long enough intervals. For example, you can water this ornamental plant twice a week. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the method of watering you do. Water evenly with sufficient water intensity. This can give freshness and health to your sansevieria without damaging it.

  • Use Organic Fertilizer

The next easy way to care for your sansevieria plants is to use fertilizer. Fertilizer has a good function to help the growth of your house plants. It also makes your ornamental plants healthier and fresher. Moreover, you can use organic fertilizer or compost which provides various benefits for the plants you grow.

Use Organic Fertilizer

In addition, organic fertilizers also take a long time to decompose. This makes the condition of your planting media not easily moist and makes the plants you grow easily rot. However, for those of you who prefer to use liquid fertilizer, you can give the appropriate dose regularly. This is so that your sansevieria plants grow well and are healthy.

  • Get Rid of Weeds and Pests

You can take care of your sansevieria plants easily by paying attention to the weeds and pests around them. Weeds and pests are things that interfere with the growth and health of your sansevieria plants. Therefore, you must regularly get rid of weeds and pests cleanly. If necessary, you can pull weeds up to the roots. This will make it difficult for weeds to grow around your sansevieria plants.

Get Rid of Weeds and Pests

You can also spray weed and pest repellent liquid for prevention. Another alternative that you can do if there are too many weeds and pests around your sansevieria plant is to change the planting medium. You can replace the old planting media with better and more fertile soil. This will also make your sansevieria plants well maintained and healthy.

  • Choose the Right Planting Media and Pots

Planting media is an important thing for you to pay attention to in planting sansevieria in your home. This is because the planting medium is a place for your home plants to grow well. Therefore, use a good growing medium for growing sansevieria. You can create a good planting medium by adjusting the composition of the burnt husk, sand, and soil you use. In addition, also use compost to make your planting media more fertile.

Choose the Right Planting Media and Pots

Another thing you need to pay attention to besides the planting medium is the pot you use. Pot greatly affects the growth of the sansevieria that you plant. You need to determine the size of the pot you use according to the size of your ornamental plants. Therefore, repotting regularly when your plants have grown larger is very important for you to do.

  • Trim Periodically

You also need to do the regular trimming of your sansevieria plants to maintain the health and growth of this house plant. In addition to the health of this plant, you can also cut it regularly to maintain the beauty and aesthetics of sansevieria. You can do regular pruning when the stems of this ornamental plant begin to dry or rot.

Trim Periodically

You need to do this so that the decay does not spread to other stems. In addition, you also need to cut the stems of this plant to provide good growing space. If the stems you cut are healthy enough, you can plant them using the cutting method. This will add to your collection of sansevieria and provide an aesthetic and natural decoration on a low budget


Thus our discussion of Easy Ways to Care for Sansevieria: Create Beautiful and Fresh House Plants. By using sansevieria plants, you can create a comfortable and beautiful home interior. This is because of the various benefits provided by this house plant. Therefore, caring for sansevieria plants is a necessary and important thing for you to do to keep these plants healthy and fresh. Moreover, this ornamental plant is very flexible for you to use in a variety of interior and exterior decorations of your home. For that, you have to take care of this ornamental plant regularly and well. Create a natural decoration that is beautiful and full of benefits using sansevieria plants in your home. Happy gardening and decorating!



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