– Take a bath is an activity that people need to clean the body. People can charge their energy by taking a bath. So, for the better recharge menu, it requires a good bathroom to take a bath. A good bathroom makes you feel relax when you entering it. Bathroom design is needed to build this effect. One of the bathroom decoration you can try is a nature theme. It is necessary to design your bathroom in a nature theme as one of the inspired themes for your good vibes. Nature sense brings your mind into a fresh idea and energy.

Natural And Beautiful Bathroom Decoration Ideas

In this article will discuss about some bathroom decorations that look natural and beautiful. Decoration in the bathroom that looks natural are a few things such as furniture selection, color, and bathroom materials. For that, let us discuss one by one.

Rough Wall

Rough Wall

A textured wall tends to a natural effect. Use the rock texture for the wall. It looks close to the rocky bathroom in the mid-century. The rock wall gives you a unique experience when you touch it because of its rough shape. For the arrangement, this wall does not have the same surface level. Some rocks have an absurd shape that make them unique.

To make it looks elegant, never put the unnecessary decoration. Let the room looks larger. For the door, a glassy door is a nice choice. This material is safe from decay even when water pours it every day. For the lighting, turn on the yellow lamps for a better feeling of nature.

Natural Sink Design


A nature style for the sink for your bathroom can be made of wood. You can add a custom wooden sink with its original shape. The brown color from the wood is an impressive look in a natural bathroom. Wooden sink gives this bathroom being a true nature vibe. From the monotonous white color, it combines the dark brown wood to the rattan box. And it is matched to the rocky wall.

Green Decoration

Green Decoration

It makes you imagine to have an outdoor bathroom with surrounded by the wall grass. But you do not have to plant in on your bathroom wall. Use the grass imitation to cover one side of the wall. Enjoy the relaxation from the green scenery when taking a bath.

Add some ornamental plants around the bathtub for natural taste. Make sure that the arrangement of plants will not disturb your bathing. To make it looks more natural, let the sunlight enters your bathroom by put the bathtub near the window. It let you see the outside with green scenery near the window.

Natural Bathtub


The most important thing in the bathroom is the bathtub. Sink your body in a rock bathtub. It gives you a cool sensation of being traditional people who use a rock to take a bath. The rock material has a natural color, grey, dark grey, or black. It depends on you how to combine the decoration near the rocky bathtub. You can add a green plant or flowery plants to fresh the look of your bathroom. For the floor itself, you can decorate it with a tiny rocky floor which suits to your bathtub.


The wooden bathtub also is a good choice. To make it looks dominant in your bathroom, use the contrast color with the floor. Wooden bathtub looks natural with its original shape and lines.

Thus our discussion of Natural And Beautiful Bathroom Decoration Ideas. With a natural bathroom design will make the atmosphere more fresh and calm. This allows you to enjoy the time to clean yourself and relax yourself in the bathroom. The atmosphere in the bathroom sometimes influences your mind to have good vibes. Let the water pour you by using a shower or sink your body in a bathtub. The natural sense can refresh your mind and creative inspiration to have positive thoughts. Hopefully, this article is useful for you to decorate your bathroom.


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